Amnesty International demands impartial investigation in Sindhi nationalist assassination

Sindhi nationalist assassination
Daughters of Hidayat Lohar carrying his coffin (Photo: X)

Amnesty International South Asia has called for an independent, impartial, and prompt investigation into the killing of Sindhi political activist and teacher, Hidayatullah Lohar. The plea emphasizes the need to ensure accountability for the perpetrators without resorting to the death penalty.

Hidayatullah Lohar, a school teacher and prominent political activist, was fatally attacked by two unidentified assailants in Naseerabad while en route to his school. Despite persistent demands and an ongoing sit-in protest by his daughters, Sasui and Sorath Lohar – both prominent activists advocating against enforced disappearances – no First Information Report (FIR) has been registered in connection with the incident.

Pak policy of enforced disappearance

Lohar’s tragic killing sheds light on the perilous conditions faced by activists and human rights defenders in their pursuit of justice. His history is marred by a previous incident in 2017 when he was forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army, only to be released two and a half years later in May 2019. During this period, the establishment allegedly pressured Lohar’s daughters to cease their struggle against enforced disappearances and terminate their protests, using the release of their father as leverage.

The incident underscores the broader issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan, where dissenting voices often face abduction and intimidation. Hidayat Lohar’s case serves as a recent and poignant example of the challenges faced by those who question the establishment.

Amnesty International’s call for an independent investigation is a significant step towards addressing the enforced disappearance policy of the Pakistan Army. The international human rights organization emphasizes the importance of unveiling the truth behind Lohar’s killing, seeking justice for the slain activist, and holding those responsible accountable.

As Pakistan grapples with concerns over the suppression of dissent, the attention drawn by Amnesty International amplifies the urgency of addressing human rights violations and ensuring a transparent and fair legal process for those advocating for justice and accountability.

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