Another Hindu temple desecrated in Pakistan by radical Islamists

pakistan destroys another hindu temple
Hindu Temple desecrated in Pakistan (Photo: Social Media)

Religious hatred against minorities and bigotry runs deep inside Pakistani society. In a latest development, a historic Hindu temple situated in Ahmadpur Sial, Pakistan has been desecrated and converted into a chicken shop. The Sita-Ram temple carried immense historical and cultural significance as it was built over a century ago and served as a place of worship for the Hindus in the region. The architecture, embellished with detailed carvings as well as revered symbols, depicted a narrative of a vibrant cultural heritage that extended beyond religious divides. The conversion of the temple into a chicken shop is not merely an act of vandalism, but a clear attack on religious sentiments of minority Hindus and violation of the right to freedom of religion as it violates the sanctity of the Hindu temple where these things are banned by religious scriptures.

Additionally, the unfortunate conversion of the Sita-Ram temple is not an isolated incident. Reports of Hindu temple being desecrated in Pakistan are more often. The temples are converted into mosque, madrasa and even toilets. These incidents clearly highlight that Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a worst place where a religious minority could survive. Apart from religious persecution, the places of worship and every religious symbol is attacked at the behest of promoting radicalised form of Islam.

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