Another minor Hindu girl abducted and forcefully converted to Islam in Sindh

abduction and conversion
Abducted Hindu girl (Photo: News Intervention)

Another minor Hindu girl has been abducted at gunpoint by three abductors in Sindh. An FIR has been registered, and the police have assured the rescue of the girl. However, the girl has now been converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.

Two days ago, three abductors named Akhtar Gabol, Faizan Jat, and Sarang Khaskheli forcefully broke into the house of Dilip Kumar in Qazi Ahmed, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh. They abducted his daughter, Suhana Sharma Kumari, along with gold ornaments and cash worth one lakh rupees.

Fake documentation to prove her converted

After the FIR was registered, the police assured the parents of the girl’s safe rescue. However, a document titled “Affidavit of Free Will” has emerged on social media, claiming that the girl is 18 years old and has been converted to Islam. The document bears a verification stamp dated May 22nd, 2023. The victim’s father has strongly denied these conversion claims, stating that his daughter is still below 18 years of age. He also mentioned that his own marriage has not yet completed 18 years.

The police informed the parents that the girl would be presented in Larkana Court today. Although the girl has been found, she has been forcefully converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man. A video has also been released in which the girl appears to be confessing under pressure that she converted her religion and married a Muslim man out of her own free will.

During this confession, the girl can be heard fumbling, indicating possible pressure. It is important to note that the abductors are reportedly backed by influential individuals. The cases of abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan, especially in Sindh, are becoming more horrific day by day. Breaking into houses, abduction, and illicit conversion cannot be carried out without the support of a network involving Islamic clergy and the army. Unfortunately, Sindh is witnessing some of the worst violations of minority girls’ rights.

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