Application filed to stop criminal proceedings against Imran Khan

criminal proceedings of imran khan stopped
Imran Khan (Centre) With Shah Mehmood Qureshi (Left) (Photo: News Intervention)

In a dramatic turn of events, an application has been submitted to halt the criminal proceedings against Imran Khan, former Pak PM and PTI Chief in the Cypher case, invoking the Official Secrets Act. Special Court Judge, Abu Hasanat Twalekaranin, presided over this high-stakes hearing held within the former prison.

The formal application to cease the criminal proceedings was submitted by Vokla Safai, while Prosecutor Shah Khawar vehemently opposed this move. The case involves a total of 28 witnesses, with plans to summon government witnesses following the alleged offense.

Prosecutor Shah Khawar argued that this application is merely an attempt to delay the proceedings, emphasizing that today’s hearing is solely focused on addressing the criminal offense. Khawar urged the court to dismiss the application and proceed with the criminal charges.

Former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi is also implicated in the case, with a charge sheet prepared and delivered to both accused parties. Chairman PTI and Shah Mahmoud Qureshi have acknowledged receipt and affixed their signatures to the documents.

The hearing of the Cypher case unfolded under extraordinarily strict security measures outside the court jail premises, reflecting the gravity and sensitivity of the matter.

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