Attack on Balochistan Public Library in Quetta

Balochistan library attacked
Representative Photo

A group of radicalised individuals attacked the Balochistan Public Library, leaving few students injured.

As per reports, the Balochistan Public Library which is located in Faizabad Sariab area of Quetta was attacked by a group assailants. The perpetrators vandalised the library and targeted students, who were studying. In a unilateral torturous attack, many students were severely injured. Additionally, the assailants intimidated them to close the library.

The attack on library and the incompetence of the Police itself speaks volume about the role of Pakistan authorities to deal with this menace. Actually, Pakistan itself wants the instability to prevail in Balochistan, so that the education could not be spread. Since, the illegal occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistan Army in March 1948, Pakistan has not left a single opportunity to dismantle the peace and stability in the region. The attack on the library shows that Pakistan can not even tolerate the spread of education, simply because, the educated individual would question the authority of Islamabad regarding the occupation of Balochistan.

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