Awami National Party President commends Chaman Protest Committee’s peaceful demonstration

pashtun unity
Awami National Party's President Asghar Khan Achakzai (Photo: News Intervention)

The Awami National Party provincial president, Asaghar Khan Achakzai, lauded the Chaman Protest Committee for its enduring peaceful demonstration, spanning over a month. He commended the committee for showcasing the hardworking Pashtun community as a symbol of unity within the Afghan homeland.

Addressing the public gathering, Asaghar Khan Achakzai emphasized, “Remember, history will remember you for the cases brought against your comrades by the establishment and ruling elite. You are not alone; standing strong behind you are the successors of Bacha Khan. The sacrifices of Jailani Khan and Asad Khan remain a testament.”

He stressed their commitment to action over mere words, stating, “We stand firm beside you, offering our unwavering support. We are willing to sacrifice for your people’s welfare, following in the footsteps of Jailani Khan Achakzai and Asad Khan Achakzai.”

Achakzai conveyed these sentiments during his address at the protest dharna organized by the All Parties Traders Association affiliated with the Golden Line, witnessing a significant turnout of participants. Jamaluddin Rashtiya, former district president of the Awami National Party, also delivered a speech at the event.

Speaking further, Asaghr Khan Achchzai commended the political parties’ and traders’ union’s leadership for maintaining a peaceful demonstration on the lawn. He highlighted that the rulers’ sense of reasoning would have been lost if unity and adherence to the agreement had been maintained among friends. He criticized the ruling aristocracy, stressing that their strategy aimed to disrupt the ruling class’s tranquility and restlessness.

Highlighting the economic challenges faced by the Afghan people, he emphasized the disparity in wealth and the consequences of the ongoing genocide, indicating that accountability for injustices will eventually come. Rejecting the passport system, he urged laborers to participate in a public meeting on November 26th at the Model High School ground lawn, commemorating the country’s martyrs. He encouraged their attendance as a display of patriotism and national solidarity.

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