Awaran under brutal occupation of Pakistan Army

Awaranis Suffering Under Pak Military's Iron Fist
Awaran Civilians (Photo - News Intervention)

Human rights groups have sounded the alarm over reports of ongoing violations and brutality against the local population in Awaran Tehsil Mashkay Shurdoi at the hands of Pak security forces. The occupying Pak Army has been carrying out a campaign of enforced disappearances, forced labor, and environmental destruction in the region.

This report addresses the ongoing human rights violations where the local population is subjected to systematic abuse by the Army. There is a lack of transparency and accountability for these atrocities is a severe violation of human rights.

The Pak Army is committing atrocities by compelling locals into forced labor, a serious breach of human rights and international conventions. They beat and threaten locals until they comply with their demands for forced labor, the residents constantly live in terror of their reprisals.

This coercion strips individuals of their autonomy and dignity, violating fundamental labor rights and personal freedoms. It creates physical and psychological harm to the individuals forced into labor.

The daily cutting and burning of roadside trees and jungles by Army forces has become as a prevalent issue. This destruction not only affects the environment but also the livelihood and well-being of the local populace who depend on these natural resources.

The rapid deforestation is not only damaging the local ecosystem and biodiversity, but is maliciously stripping away the natural resources that sustain the livelihoods of Awarani people. Adverse effects on climate and soil quality is leading to long-term environmental damage.

This is not only in violation of environmental protection laws and but also international environmental agreements. Innocent Awaranis are caught in the middle of this brutal military occupation, suffering immensely from the heavy military presence and harsh crackdown on their homeland.

Under these circumstances, it is extremely important that international human rights organizations investigate and document these violations to hold perpetrators accountable. Furthermore, environmental restoration should become the focus of sustainable development programs.

The situation in Awaran Tehsil Mashkai Shurdoi is a grave human rights crisis that requires immediate attention from both national and international communities. Enforced disappearances, forced labor, and environmental destruction perpetrated by the Pak Army are unacceptable and demand swift action to protect the lives and rights of the affected citizens.

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