Back to the essence of NFT collections with Phantom Zero

(Representative photo)

The NFT market is a fast-paced sector where hundreds of initiatives are created every day to entice investors. Among all of these projects, a few stand out due to their team or timeline.

This is the case with the Phantom Zero project, which is being worked on by Disney artist Michael Kutsche, who worked on the design of Disney’s Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, and Spiderman films.

There is no implausible timeline or unattainable promises behind his initiative. The project’s crew isn’t fond of making huge promises or building a roadmap just to have one. They aim to concentrate on the essentials: supplying its holders with high-quality NFTs that will allow them to feel proud of the artwork they own while also allowing them to profit from the secondary market. Michael has been working on this project for over ten years, first intending to release it as an animated feature before deciding to adapt it into an NFT effort. As a result, the Phantom Zero project provides a mature art form that has been able to highlight the artist’s work throughout time. They promise art in the shape of fashion in its most basic form. A collective of artists is also being formed to link multiple NFT collections together by allowing them to get NFT from the next collection by holding an NFT from the previous one. Collaborations with other well-known musicians are also in the works, although details have yet to be revealed. This collective is certain to be able to provide significant benefits to NFT holders, which is an indication of the project’s impending success.

Given the artist’s fame and the successful projects on which he has worked, a project of this nature in the NFT realm cannot be overlooked. The art in this collection is massive and unique, and the NFT Phantom Zero project is poised to become one of the most important in the coming months. The project’s creators have a lot of surprises in store for the community.


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