Baloch activist released after being abducted by Pak Army

arrested Baloch youth released
Baloch Activist Fazal Yakub and His Nephew Shams (Photo: News Intervention)

Baloch Activist Fazal Yakub Baloch, the Chairperson of Save Student Future organization was released by the Pak Army after he was abducted some days back.

Fazal Yakub was a former student of the Zakaria University in Multan. His abduction was carried out by the Pakistan Army in a series of abductions before Pakistan’s Independence Day that continued afterwards also. If reports are to be believed, he was abducted for raising his voice against the abduction of his nephew Shams Baloch. Shams was abducted by the Pak armed forces in three Vigo vehicles on August 13. Shams is a fifth-semester agriculture student at the University of Sargottha and was abducted from his home in Khuzdar at around 1:20 AM.  

Fazal Yakub, who as a Baloch Activist often raised his voice for students’ rights, did the same for his brother. And consequently, was abducted. During his abduction, it was told that the military personnel violently and abusively dealt with innocent women and children.

As of now both Shams and Yakub have been released by the occupying armed forces after going through brutal torture. As Pakistan has illegally occupied Balochistan since March 1948, it is afraid of the resistance that the Baloch are offering. Accordingly, it continues to deploy the occupying Pakistan Army so as to carry on the profiling and enforced abduction of those who are perceived as a potential threat to their illegal occupation.   

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