Baloch freedom fighters clash with Pak Army in Panjgur

Pakistani Forces in Confrontation with Baloch Fighters
Panjgur Showdown (Photo - X)

The district of Panjgur in Pak-occupied-Balochistan witnessed a tense four-hour standoff between Pakistan forces and Baloch freedom fighters on Friday. The confrontation, marked by intense exchanges of gunfire and explosions, unfolded in the Garmkan area near Foot Chowk.

Reportedly, Pak Army launched a raid on a building in the vicinity around 10 p.m., triggering clashes. The sound of gunfire and at least ten explosions echoed through the area, and intensified the confrontation. Later, Army closed the entire area and established checkpoints on key routes. The exchange of fire and clashes persisted for at least 4 hours.

Furthermore, ambulances rushed to the site; carried out casualties in and out of the conflict zone. Additionally, a helicopter was seen landing at the headquarters of the Pak Army in the aftermath of the confrontation.

Pak Army, which has a history of distorting information and facts, has not yet released any official statements. However, reportedly two Baloch freedom fighters have been martyred in the clash, while numerous Army personnel have been killed.

The Baloch community, have long aspired for independence, continues to face oppressive measures by the Pak Army. This incident echoes a similar attack in February 2022 when the Majeed Brigade Fidayeens (self-sacrificing unit) targeted a Pakistan Army headquarters, seizing control of the camp for a duration of four days.

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