Baloch freedom fighters foil Pak Army’s attempt to drag Kashmir into Balochistan

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) bombed Pakistan Army's Kashmir rally in Quetta on February 5.
Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) bombed Pakistan Army's Kashmir rally in Quetta on February 5.

Baloch freedom fighters (sarmachars) attacked a sham Kashmir rally at Quetta organised under the aegis of Pakistan Army on February 5, and killed two Pakistani agents while four others were injured. The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) took responsibility of the attack.

“The so-called Kashmir rally under the auspices of Pakistan Army was attacked by the Baloch Liberation Army sarmachars in Quetta. The attack resulted in killing two state agents and injuring four others,” Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) said in his statement.

BLA sarmachars took measures to protect the casual passer-by from the blast. “Baloch sarmachars had planted magnetic bombs on the main truck of the so-called Kashmir rally. The rally was targeted when it was being carried out on Inskamb Road. As a result of the attack, two people were killed in the rally, including a gunman, while four others were injured,” explained Jeeyand Baloch.

Pakistan Army has been using all its strength to hold such rallies in Balochistan with the help of its local operatives in an attempt to give an impression that the situation in Balochistan is completely under the control of the army and that the Baloch people follow diktats of Pakistan and Pakistan Army. “However the ground realities are quite the opposite, Balochistan and Pakistan are only related as oppressed and oppressor. Our friends, enemies, our interests and the issues of our national survival are completely different,” said Jeeyand Baloch in his statement.

“The Pakistan Army and its local operatives are using fear and greed to hold such rallies. On several occasions we have issued stern warnings that if any person attends such Pakistani rallies, meetings or gatherings aimed at harming the Baloch movement and the Baloch National Movement, he will be solely responsible for any loss of life and property. We want to make it clear that in the future, attacks on such anti-Baloch gatherings will be intensified,” warned Jeeyand Baloch in his statement.

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