Baloch freedom fighters hit back at Pakistan Army, kill their Major and 5 soldiers

Baloch Freedom Fighters (representative image)
Baloch Freedom Fighters (Representative Image)

Baloch freedom fighters of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) bombed a Pakistan Army convoy at Kech district in Occupied Balochistan and killed Major Nadeem Abbas along with six other Pak Army soldiers. Over the last one month Pakistan Army has intensified its military operations across Balochistan using heavy artillery and helicopter gunships. During April more than 100 military operations were carried out by the Pakistan Army’s death squads that have abducted and tortured innocent Baloch civilians including women and children. The attack on Pak Army convoy at Kech was a retaliation by Baloch freedom fighters to unprovoked military raids on hapless Baloch people.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) freedom fighters retaliated by hitting the Pakistan Army convoy at Kallag in the Tigram area of Kech with IEDs that led to the death of Major Nadeem Abbas and five other soldiers of Pakistan Army convoy, who had been harassing Baloch civilians including women and children.

Major Nadeem Abbas was directly leading the death squads of criminal gangs operated by the Pakistan Army in Kech, Balochistan. Major Nadeem provided security to drug dealers in the area and was involved in arming them against Baloch freedom fighters. Also, the death squads under protection of the Pak Army were targeting civilians during military operations in the area.

It is rather unfortunate that despite decades of brutalities on innocent Baloch people by the Pakistan Army the world hardly talks about human rights violations in Balochistan. Even the UN-led institutions have never questioned Pakistan over its “kill and dump” policy wherein Pakistan Army abducts Baloch people including women and children. These abducted Baloch people are subjected to inhuman torture and killed in cold blood by the Pakistan Army. The bodies are then dumped at remote locations in Balochistan.

During the last one month while the world was fighting Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan Army diverted the millions of dollars it received as aid to inflict a reign of terror across Balochistan.

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), said that the aggression of Pakistani forces intensified manifold during April across Occupied Balochistan. He said that the Pakistani forces whisked away several people across Balochistan in more than 100 operations and raids. The heavily armed Pakistani Army convoys were supported by gunship helicopters in these military operations.

These brutal military operations were carried in Awaran, Kech, Panjgoor, Mashkai, Jhao, Mand, Dasht, Buleda, Zamuran, Parom, Kahan and Talli in Occupied Balochistan. Twelve Baloch were martyred by the Pakistan Army and its proxies. “In the Mand area of district Kech, the Pakistan Army men opened fire on Baloch people and killed a young man. The army shot two other persons and threw their bodies into a river during the operation in Kolwah. In Dera Bugti, a patient lost his life, while security forces refused to issue him a transport permit. In the same month, four dead bodies were found from different areas. The Pakistan Army looted more than 200 homes and set 50 homes on fire during their military operations in the month of April,” Dil Murad Baloch said in the BNM report.

“A humanitarian tragedy has engulfed Balochistan due to Pakistan’s policy of “collective punishment”. This humanitarian tragedy can be noticed in different forms, but its ugliest face is the number of abducted people by the Pakistan Army which is growing constantly,” BNM Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch explained.

It’s in this background that the Baloch Sarmachars under the banner of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the Pakistan Army convoy and killed six Pakistani soldiers including Major Nadeem Abbas.

“1 offr, (officer) 5 soldiers embraced shahadat as FC South #Balochistan vehicle was targeted with remote controlled IED while returning from patrolling in Buleda, 14 kms from Pak-Iran Border, to check possible routes used by terrorists in mountainous terrain of Mekran. #OurMartyrsOurHeroes,” DG ISPR confirmed the casualties in its tweet. The DG ISPR (Director General Inter Services Personal Relations) is spokesperson for Pakistan’s armed forces.

DGISPR’s acknowledgement of the fact that its six soldiers were killed yet terming Baloch freedom fighters as “terrorists” is rather unfortunate. It also means that Pakistan is not willing to stop its brutal human rights violations on the Baloch people. If the world does not question Pakistan for its brutal policies in Balochistan then Pakistan Army will not stop its oppression in Balochistan.


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