Baloch Liberation Army targets & eliminates CTD officer in Khuzdar

BLA's Special Tactical Operations: Elimination of Senior CTD Officer in Khuzdar
BLA's STOS Takes Down Senior CTD Officer in Khuzdar (Photo - Social Media)

In a daring operation, the elite force of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), known as the Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS), successfully eliminated Murad Jamot, a senior officer associated with Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), in an attack in Khuzdar.

The meticulously executed operation took place on Sultan Ibrahim Road in Khuzdar, where STOS operatives employed a magnetic Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on the target’s vehicle. The result was the complete destruction of the vehicle and the successful elimination of the intended target.

Murad Jamot’s affiliation with the so-called CTD raised concerns as the organization has been implicated in numerous human rights abuses, including raiding civilian homes, harassing locals, enforcing disappearances, and engaging in extrajudicial killings in fake encounters. Jamot himself was implicated in such crimes in Khuzdar and nearby areas, earning him a spot on BLA’s target list. The elite unit of BLA acted on this list, successfully removing Jamot from the equation.

The BLA asserts its commitment to conducting further operations against Pak Army until a complete withdrawal is achieved from Balochistan. This incident underscores the ongoing struggle in the region and the BLA’s determination to address alleged human rights violations and maintain pressure for the liberation of Balochistan. Since 27 March 1948, the region continues to be plagued by violence against innocent Baloch citizens. They suffer targeted killings at the hands of the Pak Army. The Pakistan Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has the potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted.

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