Baloch liberation groups reject Pakistan’s claims, asserts no bases in Iran

Baloch Liberation Groups Defy Allegations, Deny Sanctuaries in Iranian Balochistan
BLF statement (Photo - X)

In a response to recent claims, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has vehemently denied the existence of any sanctuaries in Iranian Balochistan. The BLA emphasized its unwavering commitment to not seeking assistance from Iran, the very occupant it opposes while fighting against the occupation in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has also issued a strong statement rejecting Pak Army’s claims. They asserted that the BLF has no bases in Iran, vehemently challenging the narrative put forth by Pakistan Army. Major Gwahram, a spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), rebuked reports of BLF comrades’ martyrdom in an alleged Pakistan attack.

He declared that there are no bases of the Baloch Liberation Front in Iran, debunking the false news circulating about the organization’s losses. Adding fuel to the fire, Major Gwahram pointed out that statements circulating were misleading. He clarified that there is no Balochistan Liberation Front presence in Iran, and none of its commanders had fallen victim to recent attacks in Pakistan.

Expressing concern, Major Gwahram highlighted the manipulation of BLF’s media statement by altering and branding it as a deliberate attempt to spread fake news. He raised questions about the authenticity of the edited statement.

Jaish al-Adl

In a separate development, a representative linked with the Jaish al-Adl, spoke to the German news agency DW. They also boldly refuted all claims made by the Iranian government about the organization in Eastern Balochistan, firmly stating that such allegations are baseless.

The Jaish al-Adl representative accused the Iranian government of consistently distorting facts to serve its interests. They criticized the position taken by the Iranian government regarding Jaish al-Adl.

Challenging the Revolutionary Guards, the Jaish al-Adl representative urged them to acknowledge that they are present on Iranian soil instead of searching for them in Eastern Balochistan. They emphasized Jaish al-Adl’s active advocacy for the rights of oppressed Baloch people in Iran, vehemently denying any affiliation with Pakistan.

The representative revealed that during recent operations by Iranian forces in Western Balochistan, no member of Jaish al-Adl suffered harm. They argued that the Revolutionary Guards’ actions, based on flawed information about the presence of organizational members, led to casualties in neighboring areas due to missiles fired in the wrong direction.

However, the representative clarified that Jaish al-Adl had accepted responsibility for the recent incident near Zahedan, where local deputy commander Colonel Hussain Ali Javidanfar and two guards lost their lives. This exchange of statements highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Baloch freedom fighters, who continue to defy Pakistan’s narrative regarding their presence in Western Balochistan.

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