Baloch National Assembly to discuss fight against Pak atrocities on mothers & daughters of Balochistan

Baloch National Assembly: Uniting Against Pak Army Violence
Baloch National Assembly (Source: X)

A grand assembly is going to be held in the provincial capital of Pak-occupied Balochistan, Quetta on January 27, 2024, in Shahwani Stadium, Kech Bagh Sirayab, as the fifth phase of the movement for the rights of Baloch mothers and sisters against the atrocities of the Pak Army, enforced disappearances, and demands for long marches initiated in Islamabad against Baloch genocide.

The assembly will address speeches from political figures, movement leaders, and the families of the missing people. Caravans will gather in Quetta to take part in the assembly from all over Balochistan.

Baloch mothers and sisters in Islamabad who attended the assembly reaffirmed their dedication to the fight against the Pak establishment’s violence, humiliation, and murderous and plundering policies. The only thing that can stop the establishment of murders and genocide in Balochistan is a well-organized, dynamic, and powerful political movement.

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