Baloch nationalists expose the real intention behind Brahmadagh Bugti’s video message

Balochistan’s nationalists used strict and strong words to criticize Brahmadagh Bugti’s demand for a strong and orderly Pakistan. Brahmadagh Bugti is the grandson of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and describes himself as active for the cause of independence of occupied Balochistan and dozens of people from his personal party BRP have sought refuge around the world for this cause.

Brahmadagh Bugti, in a video message on the anniversary of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti admitted that he was in favor of a strong and stable Pakistan. Brahmadagh Bugti’s video has provoked strong reactions in the entire Baloch nation, including the Baloch freedom fighters.

“Brahmadagh Bugti, when you know that Pakistan is sinking & breaking due to Pakistan Army, you should be happy. But u seem worried. Do u want to organize a divided Pakistan or do u want a free Balochistan? It’s better if u express ur vague point of view in simple words for ordinary Baloch,” said Akhtar Nadeem Baloch, the liberal and nationalist Baloch leader in his tweet.

Rahim Baloch, the prominent Baloch intellectual and libertarian leader said in his tweet: “Brahmadagh Bugti expresses anxiety about worsening condition of #Pakistan, urges #PPP & #PMLN for rescuing the sinking Pakistan. Is it an attempt to join Pakistan’s mainstream politics? Is it a retraction? Isn’t such confusing statement harmful to his credibility?”

It must be noted that several people believe that Brahmadagh Bugti wants to pave his way with Pakistan for his own personal interests. And he wants to go back and join the national mainstream politics of Pakistan. The proof of Brahmadagh Bugti’s intentions can be seen from the recent interview of
Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, former puppet chief minister of Balochistan. In his interview Malik Baloch revealed for the first time that during his term when talks with the Baloch Liberation Front was started, his demands in meeting with Brahmadagh Bugti did not contain any point regarding the independence of Balochistan but his demands were regarding basic necessities and rights.

Brahmadagh Bugti enjoying with his friends in Europe. (Photo: News Intervention)

It is thus clear from Brahmadagh Bugti’s latest video that he prefers to be associated with Pakistan over the Baloch national struggle for independence. Occupied Balochistan’s largest media group, Sangar Media told News Intervention that Brahmadagh Bugti did not respond to the emails sent by them.

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