‘Baloch people seem to have been denied the status of being human’: Mama Qadeer Baloch, VBMP protest

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A demonstration camp against enforced disappearances, organized by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), continued its protest in front of the Quetta Press Club on the 5229th day (14 years). On this occasion, Mohammad Akbar Baloch, Noor Mohammad Baloch, and other men and women gathered to express solidarity.

Mama Qadeer Baloch, the organization’s Vice Chairman, stated that while institutions worldwide actively address grave human rights violations, including forced disappearances and ethnic cleansing, Baloch people seem to have been denied the status of being human. He pointed out that the Baloch community’s struggle against enforced disappearances and human rights abuses, akin to war crimes, is met with silence and indifference from institutions responsible for promoting peace and justice.

UN loses relevance

Mama Qadeer Baloch at VBMP protest highlighted that the United Nations, having lost its impartiality, seems confined to dancing to the tunes of imperial powers and their puppet rulers. Despite the staggering figure of 60,000 Baloch individuals illegally disappeared, thousands of whom were brutally killed and their bodies dumped in desolate areas, international organizations and champions of human rights turn a blind eye to this inhumane tragedy.

He emphasized that despite the relentless and heart-wrenching struggle of the families of forcibly disappeared Baloch individuals, the authorities remain unmoved. The families persist in their peaceful and unwavering efforts to recover their loved ones, demanding that if their dear ones are criminals, they should be presented in courts to face legal proceedings.

Mama Qadeer Baloch concluded by expressing the families’ repeated demand for justice and urged the international community to acknowledge the plight of the Baloch people, who continue their peaceful struggle for the recovery of their missing loved ones.

Notably, Pakistan Army, since its illegal occupation of Balochistan, has wrecked havoc over the Baloch people. To continue its occupation, the imperialist force has employed various tactics including the killings and enforced disappearances. Pakistan Army has installed check posts in each district and at each sub-district in the name of security, however, their main motive is to screen Baloch. The one with a voice of dissent or having the potential to raise the voice for their rights is marked and later abducted by the Army. This precarious condition has continued for the past few decades. In cases, the disappeared individual never return or their mutilated dead body is found. To raise voice against this Pak-sponsored atrocity VBMP is protesting in front of the Quetta Press Club since the past 14 years.

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