Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) strikes against Pak Army’s fake election preparations

BRAS launched series of attack against Pak Army
BRAS (Source: X)

Recently, Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) has launched a series of coordinated attacks targeting the Pakistan Army and election campaign offices in areas like Gwadar, Buleda, Panjgur, Khuzdar, Hub, Kharan, and Nushki. These incidents, involving remote-controlled IEDs, grenade launchers, and automatic weapons, mark a significant escalation in armed activities.

The Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), an alliance of various Baloch pro-independence groups, has claimed responsibility for 15 of these attacks. Baloch Khan, BRAS’s spokesperson, asserted that the attacks aimed at the occupying Pak Army and those involved in the mock electoral process caused numerous casualties among Army personnel and equipment/infrastructure damages.

These attacks are targeted towards the 2024 general elections to be held in Pakistan. Pak-occupied- Balochistan under the brutal Pak Army is facing atrocities daily. They are committing Baloch genocide through kill and dump policy, indiscriminate shooting, extra-judicial killings and frequent enforced disappearances. Therefore, the elections to be held are nothing more than a phoney attempt to showcase to the world that a civilian govt is in power, however, in reality, the Pak Army has forcefully occupied the region – through brutality and violence.

On February 4, BRAS freedom fighters targeted a Pak Army vehicle with a remote-controlled IED in Naleent, Gwadar, allegedly causing multiple casualties. On February 2, another attack targeted an Army post in Buleda, using rockets and grenade launcher rounds.

The campaign of attacks also focused on individuals associated with the election campaign. On the night of February 2, Mir Yaqoob Qambarani’s residence, a National Party leader, was hit with hand grenades in Awaran. Subsequent attacks targeted residences of election candidates and former ministers in Panjgur, as well as election offices in Hub and Greshag, and polling stations in Kharan. An IED explosion damaged the Election Commission office in Nushki.

These actions were warnings from BRAS to those involved in the election campaign, with precautions taken to minimize civilian casualties. They have also advised the public to maintain a safe distance from election-related activities, indicating a rise in attacks as Pakistan’s general elections approach.

BRAS, the umbrella organization of armed Baloch freedom fighters , has executed 92 attacks across the region in just 8 days. The Baloch people’s struggle for independence remains fervent under the oppressive regime of the Pakistan Army. Since the Pak Army forcibly occupied their region on March 27, 1948, the people of Pak-occupied Balochistan have been fighting against the atrocities and Baloch genocide committed by the Pak Army.

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