Baloch revolutionaries kill a dozen Pak soldiers in Noshki battle

Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters) who embraced martyrdom in their battle with Pakistani forces at Noshki and Kharan on September 24, 2021.
Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters) who embraced martyrdom in their battle with Pakistani forces at Noshki and Kharan on September 24, 2021.

Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters) killed more than a dozen Pakistani soldiers and their proxies in a fierce battle at the mountainous region of Noshki and Kharan on September 24. Six Baloch sarmachaars embraced martyrdom in this battle.

“The battle commenced early in the morning on Friday (September 24) at Siyah Lop, near Baddo Dor when the enemy forces tried to encircle a patrolling party of Baloch freedom fighters. In the face to face battle that lasted for more than four hours, scores of enemy personnel were killed and injured. Five freedom fighters of BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) and one freedom fighter of the United Baloch Army (UBA) embraced martyrdom,” said Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson of the BLA in a media statement.

Balochistan is an independent country that was under British colonial rule alongwith India. Balochistan attained its independence from British rule on 11 August 1947, which was four days before Indian independence on August 15, 1947. However, Balochistan’s independence was short lived and the newly created Pakistan captured Balochistan on March 27, 1948. The Baloch has been fighting for their independence ever since then.

Over the years Pakistan has used all kinds of sophisticated weapons to intimidate Balochistan into subjugation but has failed miserably. Baloch are valiant fighters and the September 24 battle on the mountains of Noshki and Kharan is part of Balochistan’s freedom movement in which over a dozen Pakistani soldiers were killed while six sarmachaars embraced martyrdom.

The Baloch martyrs from the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) include Commander Ganjal alias Comrade Mazar, Nazeer alias Sangat, Faisal alias Yasir, Kaleem alias Bolani and Rehan alias Mehrwaan. Nodaan alias Hammal was from the United Baloch Army to embrace martyrdom.

“Sangat Ganjal and his comrades Sangat Kaleem, Sangat Faisal, Sangat Nodan, Sangat Rehan and Sangat Nazeer fought bravely against the enemy and sacrificed their lives for the better future of Baloch people. The Baloch independence movement cannot be stopped or weakened by any power, this struggle will continue until the flag of an independent #Balochistan is hoisted. Until then a vigorous and intense war against the occupying Pakistani state shall continue,” said Bashir Zeb Baluch, chief commander of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) in his tweet.
Bashir Zeb’s tweet extolling the fighting spirit of Baloch revolutionaries against the occupying Pakistani regime

“In the battle, that lasted for several hours, Kaleem and Nodaan, after inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy, ended their own lives using their very last bullets to secure organisational secrets. BLA pays tribute to the fallen comrades and salutes their ultimate sacrifice for motherland. The organisation vows that the sacrifices of the comrades will never be forgotten and their mission will continue until independence of Balochistan,” said BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch in his statement.


  1. […] “Operation Ganjal is named after martyr Ganjal alias Comrade Mazar of Lyari Karachi. Ganjal, commander of BLA in Kalat region, was also a Fidayeen. He was not only to take part in Nushki and Panjgur operations but was also nominated as its operational commander. However, on the 24th September 2021 he along with five Baloch freedom fighters embraced martyrdom while defending organisation’s camp in Kalat,” explained Jeeyand Baloch. […]

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