Baloch victim shares her story of Tootak Operation by oppressive Pak Army in POB

A victim of the Tootak operation in Pak-occupied Balochistan sheds light on the Tootak operation by the Pak Army
Baloch victim (Photo: X)

Recently, a victim of the Tootak operation in Pak-occupied Balochistan has come forward to share her narrowing tale and shed light on the atrocities inflicted by the oppressive Pak Army upon the innocent Baloch civilians thirteen years ago.

In the video she talks about the horrific incident that occurred 13 years ago on February 18, 2011, an operation by the Pak Army and a group called “Death Squads” occurred in the Tootak area of the Khuzdar district of Pak-occupied Balochistan. Later, the aforementioned area fell under the control of Shafiq Mengal, who was the head of the Death Squads. During this operation, the Pak Army raided every house present in the area, inflicted atrocities on the people and took many Baloch citizens in their custody.

Two years after the Tootak operation, the discovery of mass graves was made in the area. During this operation, several individuals forcibly disappeared, including Muhammad Rahim Qalandrani and 16 members of his family who are still missing to this day without a single trace. The pain and suffering of the families of the victims are unimaginable.

Since the forcible occupation of Balochistan by the Pak Army on March 27, 1948, the people of Balochistan under the control of the Pak Army have endured a persistent struggle against the atrocities and genocide perpetrated by the Pak Army. These egregious acts include frequent home invasions, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, embarrassment at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom.

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