Baloch women rally for change in Taftan, Balochistan

baloch women rally
Women rallying Balochistan (Photo: News Intervention)

Women in Balochistan flocked to the streets to protest for their fundamental rights at Taftan London Road Sendak Cross. They expressed their displeasure with their MPs’ neglect, notably for the gold and copper project located in their tehsil.
The women emphasised Taftan’s severe circumstances, such as a lack of access to basic essentials such as water, electricity, healthcare, and good roads. Taftan is currently dealing with these issues, leaving its citizens without basic services. Furthermore, the presence of the Sendak project near Taftan has led in the extraction of the region’s mineral resources.

They were dissatisfied with their tribe leaders unwillingness to solve the problems afflicting the area. They made it clear, though, that they would not back down. To make their voices known, the women began a sit-in at Sendak Cross and vowed to stay until their demands were granted.

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