Baloch Yakjehti Committee assesses devastation in Gwadar exposing false claims by Pakistan

Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) embarks to Jiwani to assess the damage caused by disaster.
Crisis in Jiwani (Photo: X)

Yesterday on March 4, a team from the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) left for Jiwani (Gwadar) and the surrounding areas to evaluate the damage caused by the recent flooding in the region . Reportedly, the area has been severely damaged, leaving livelihoods, roads, and bridges in ruins.

Various localities, including Palleri, have experienced a total disruption in transportation as a result of widespread infrastructure damage. The local’s homes are in ruins and are facing a lot of challenges in getting basic necessities.
The well-known BYC leader, Dr Mahrang Baloch, called a sizable assembly in Jiwani to discuss the grave circumstances during the visit. In the absence of significant support from any authorities during difficult times, she underlined the necessity of unity among Baloch communities and the need for mutual support. She highlighted that Pakistan’s claims of developing Gwadar into a city akin to Singapore & Dubai are baseless. Infrastructural policies aimed at supporting this megaproject have resulted in floods and extensive destruction. 2: The native population of Gwadar has not experienced any tangible benefits or amenities from the megaproject. Instead, it has adversely affected their primary livelihood of fishing, leading to its destruction. These findings underscores the urgent need for academic research to accurately depict the situation in Gwadar and expose the false claims made by Pakistan.

There was a noticeable sense of destitution among the populace, with homes in Palleri, Shay Mussa, and Rahim Baksh Bazar suffering the most. Particularly affected are fishermen, who lose their boats and means of subsistence as their main source of income vanishes.
The BYC’s visit highlighted tales of exploitation and helplessness in the face of hardship, shedding light on the harsh realities that the local populace must contend with. As the neighbourhood struggles with the fallout, cooperation and teamwork become essential components in reconstructing and reinstating hope amid the debris.

The Baloch community has long been marginalized and neglected by the Pak establishment, they often fail to assist in times of crisis. Instead of offering support, the government’s actions have exacerbated the suffering of the Baloch people, perpetuating a cycle of violence and oppression.

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