Baloch youth are prime targets of Pakistani abduction: BSO-Azad

Siraj Saleh was abducted and killed by Pakistani forces. (Photo: News Intervention)
Siraj Saleh was abducted and killed by Pakistani forces. (Photo: News Intervention)

Pakistan Army continues its genocide across occupied Balochistan wherein several innocent Baloch youth are abducted and killed in cold blood. The Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-Azad) in its media statement condemned the brutal killing of Siraj Saleh at the hands of Pakistani soldiers.

“Baloch youth are the prime target of (Pakistani) state that aims to silence the dissenting voices against it and brutalize those who are against the occupation on their land, but such tactics will not succeed as Baloch youth are mature and well-educated,” BSO-Azad said in its media statement.

The spokesperson of BSO-Azad further explained that Pakistani security establishment have full control over everything across Balochistan. “No one makes the (Pakistani) security forces accountable for their crimes which they commit on a daily basis. This killing and brutalizing of a young man has further exposed the state’s face in Balochistan. Siraj Saleh was killed because of being a Baloch and being an educated youth he, like others, did not accept the state occupation of his land, therefore, he was targeted. The international community must intervene to stop the Baloch genocide,” said the BSO-Azad spokesperson.

Pakistan has been abducting and killing Baloch over the last several years. Baloch Human Rights organizations have records of more than 30,000 innocent Baloch who have been abducted by the Pakistani security forces and are now “Missing”. Another 10,000 Baloch have been killed and dumped by the Pakistan Army in various operations conducted across occupied Balochistan.

Arif ul Safar has been abducted by the Pakistani forces from Turbat, Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

Historically, Balochistan has been a separate nation that came under British imperial rule along with India. On August 11, 1947 Balochistan attained its independence from British colonial rule. However, this independence was short lived and Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan Army on March 27, 1948. The Baloch have been fighting for the independence from Pakistan since this date.

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