Balochistan : BLF fighters attack Pak Navy in Turbat

BLF's Turbat Attack
BLF (Photo - News Intervention)

In a daring and passionate act of resistance, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) rose to the occasion on the night of September 19, launching a resolute attack on – the Pakistan Navy camp in the central city of Turbat. In a display of courage, the freedom fighters of BLF confronted their oppressors head-on, demonstrating their commitment to the liberation of Balochistan from Pak Army.

The freedom fighters, with fierce determination, targeted the northern security post of the Navy camp from point-blank range, wielding heavy automatic weapons. The ten-minute skirmish bore witness to the strong spirit of the Baloch people, as they valiantly defended their homeland. Despite the odds stacked against them, the BLF fighters managed to inflict damage upon the oppressive Pak Navy post, sending a clear message to their occupiers.

During this intense clash for freedom, one Navy personnel lost his life, and another was injured. After the attack, the defeated forces continued their coward aggression, indiscriminately firing upon innocent civilians, further exposing the cruelty of the Pakistan Army.

This conflict arose because of deeply rooted injustice – the Pak Navy’s unlawful occupation of Baloch lands, where they have erected a widespread camp over thousands of acres, and expanding their seize with each passing day. This occupation is actively supported through collaboration with so-called nationalist elements and local landowners who have shamefully aligned themselves with the oppressive Pakistan Army.

Within the walls of this camp, the Pak Navy commands military operations, particularly in the Makran, Kech, and Gwadar regions. It serves as the nerve center for monitoring and operating military helicopters and drone technology, highlighting the extent of their intrusive presence. Shockingly, beneath the surface, this camp has a grim underground torture cell, with more than seventy rooms, where the voices of the oppressed Baloch people have been silenced for far too long.

In the face of such brutality and oppression, the BLF has boldly claimed responsibility for the Turbat attack and pledged to continue striking at the heart of the Pak Army until the liberation of Balochistan is achieved.

BLF Exposes Informants and Takes Action

In another incident, the BLF has unmasked collaboration between informants and the oppressive Pakistan Army. And, BLF has taken action against two such individuals.

Seth Abdul Rasheed, a Pak Army informant and drug dealer, had played a sinister role in the drone strikes that claimed the lives of BLF fighters, including Major Asmi Wafa and comrades. His involvement included tracking the organization’s fighters, putting their lives in grave danger. The BLF had irrefutable evidence of Seth Abdul Rasheed’s collaboration with the Pakistan Army.

Another individual, Ashraf son of Gajian, was exposed as a tool of the Pakistan Army. He confessed to aiding the Pak Army in its aggression at Gichk, Soler, and Raghe, actively identifying routes used by BLF comrades and blocking their paths. In the face of his crimes against the Baloch people, the organization’s court swiftly handed down the ultimate sentence, which was executed.

The BLF passionately calls upon the Baloch nation to remain vigilant, avoiding involvement with Paki establishment’s agents who exploit innocent lives for their ulterior motives. These individuals are hiding behind a façade of humanitarianism. These informers and death squad operatives are part of a larger conspiracy against the Baloch National Movement.

Furthermore, the BLF asserts its determination to bring to justice those involved in conspiracies against the Baloch national movement. The organization is firm in its mission to protect the interests of the Baloch nation and hold those who work against freedom and justice accountable for their actions.

The Pakistan Army has committed numerous atrocities, including daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. Therefore, the spokesperson for BLF, Major Gahram Baloch has warned all Paki establishment’s tools that they will face severe consequences for their actions committed against Baloch people. The struggle for Balochistan’s liberation burns brighter than ever. Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence.

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