Balochistan leader Dr Allah Nazar condemns Turkey, supports Kurds

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch, pro-independence leader of Balochistan.
Dr Allah Nizar Baloch, pro-independence leader of Balochistan.

“As a nationalist, I believe that the Kurds will continue to fight for their land and national dignity with or without the USA and international support, but the shameful betrayal of the United States and other Western nations will echo throughout history,” said Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, leader of the pro-independence of Balochistan.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch condemned Turkey’s attack on the Kurds in the Syrian-administered areas, saying that the Kurds did not fight for Western arms and aid, rather to defend their national values and soil. “As a nationalist, I believe that without international or US assistance, the Kurds will continue to fight for their land and national dignity, but history will know the US and other Western countries as indebted to the Kurds,” he said.

Dr. Allah Nazar said that the Turks are an aggressive force and the Kurds are fighting to defend their land and values. When states like Iraq and Syria were disintegrating against ISIS, it was the Kurds who went ahead and repulsed ISIS by sacrificing their eleven thousand sons and daughters. They played an undeniable role in protecting the world.

The Kurdish mainland may also have been influenced by ISIS, because in terms of the balance of power and backing of some countries, ISIS was stronger than the Kurds in all respects. It was the powerful spirit of nationalism that defeated ISIS and proudly maintained humanity and human dignity in that area.

Elaborating further, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said: “I do not consider the Kurds as a coalition of West in the Middle East but the vanguard of human dignity and nationalism.” He added that the Kurds are fighting against the axis of evil including Turkey and their ideology of Daesh to safeguard human dignity.

When the West was helpless in front of ISIS, the Kurds fought a historic battle and defeated ISIS. Had the Kurds not had a strong frontline based on human rights, liberty and respect for humanity in the Middle East, the religious terrorists of ISIS would have not only engulfed the Middle East but all of mankind could have been at their mercy of ISIS and suffered in some way, he explained.

Dr. Nazar Baloch said that the world powers, including the United States, should immediately review their policies regarding the Kurds. If the United States left the Kurds alone, it would certainly hurt the Kurds but this brave nation will continue to face any aggression, including Turkey, but most of all it will be a greater loss for world peace and humanity. Thus the whole of humanity will have to suffer its consequences. Nationalists and freedom-seeking forces throughout the world would now think a thousand times before they become part of any alliance with the US and the West against terrorism.

He said the ban on sale of weapons to Turkey by some European countries is a good development but it is insufficient. Despite continued reservations and links to ISIS, soft conduct towards Turkey will lead to further complications in the future. Support for the sale and transportation of ISIS oil by close family members of Turkish President Tayyib Erdogan has become a global media buzz, but the reaction from global powers has been null. This has only emboldened Turkey in its recent attack on Kurdish populations. Over the last five days, thousands have been displaced and hundreds have been killed and injured. Although Turkey’s hatred and revenge against the Kurds is not new, as a major nation of the world, they (Kurds) have every right to statehood in accordance with global principles and this will also further guarantee peace in the region.

The Baloch Pro-Independence leader said that Pakistan’s support for Turkey’s aggression is not surprising as both countries have a historical kinship in adopting and supporting religious extremism along with occupying and subjugating other nations with complete disregard for human lives. They both had always been in bed with Islamic fanatics and extremists. Turkey is the backbone of a global terrorist organization like ISIS and Pakistan is the creator and current facilitator of various religious fanatic terrorist organizations. The world powers must take immediate and drastic actions against such countries instead of facilitating their crimes.

This news was first published in Sangar Publication.

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