Balochistan remembers Karima Baloch on her martyrdom anniversary

Martyr Karima Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

On the occasion of the second anniversary of martyred Baloch leader Karima Baloch, Baloch Solidarity Committee organized seminars in Quetta and Gwadar, the capital of occupied Balochistan.

Baloch writer and poet A.R. Dad, Baloch intellectual Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur, writer and poet Professor Manzoor Baloch, political activist Khurram Ali, Taj Baloch coordinator HRCB, Khan Zaman Kakar Central Committee member Awami Workers Party, N. Advocate Shahzeb, organizer of DPK, Zain Gul Baloch, organizer of Baloch Women’s Farm, political activist Shari Baloch and political activist Dr. Mah Rang Baloch expressed their views in the seminars.

Others who attended it in Gwadar were Dr. Sami Deen Baloch, Provincial Vice President of JUI Khalid Waleed Safi, former Chairman of BSO Saeed Faiz Advocate, Abdul Wahab Baloch of Baloch Solidarity Council. They opined that Karima Baloch started the Baloch national movement and that her efforts have given a  new dimension to the struggle.

The speakers expressed that the eternal sacrifices of Karima Baloch cannot be forgotten. Infact Karima Baloch has been born in every home  and has inspired many to lead revolutionary movements for Baloch rights and self determination  from occupiers in an organized way . The seminars witnessed large scale participation of women  as well. 

Banuk Karima Baloch had started her journey when she joined BSO-Azad in 2005 until she became an international figure for Baloch all over the world fighting relentlessly for justice and rights not only for Baloch but also for Pashtuns and other subjugated nations of the region.She soon took stepped up as the first woman Chairperson in the history of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) and became politically active. However, after getting threats from Pakistan authorities for being vociferous she had taken political asylum in Canada. She had always been on the radar of the Punjabi Pakistani army and in December 2020 Karima was abducted,murdered and her body was found at a canal in Toronto.

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