Belgian boy’s forced foot-kissing by Islamist migrants triggers backlash

migrant bullying
Belgian boy asked to kiss the feet (Photo: News Intervention)

A disturbing incident of bullying and physical assault involving a group of youngsters has sent shockwaves through the community of Zelzate, a Flemish region in Belgium. The incident, which was captured on video, has ignited conversations about intolerance and safety within the community. In the video, a young Belgian boy is seen being humiliated and physically assaulted by a group of individuals. The group, suspected to be of migrant origin, reportedly demanded that the boy to kiss their feet. Following his compliance, the group subjected him to physical assault, leaving him visibly distressed.

As of now, the identities of the individuals involved in the incident have not been revealed by the police. The video, which was circulated on social media, caught the attention of various stakeholders, including the president of Vlaams Belang, a Flemish far-right populist party. He labeled the video “disgusting” and suggested that the gang members might have migrant backgrounds.

Increasing Similar Incidents

In the aftermath of the incident, another video surfaced showing a girl being subjected to physical aggression in close proximity to the earlier incident. The girl’s relative expressed that now she fears leaving her house after the traumatizing incident.

However, local law enforcement is actively investigating the matter, attempting to ascertain whether both incidents were perpetrated by the same group of individuals. Accordingly, Police have identified the perpetrators as residents of Zelzate and are committed to swiftly apprehending them.

To aid their investigation, the acting mayor of Zelzate, Luc Van Waesberghe, issued a temporary order allowing the police to check the identification of children aged 10 to 18. This measure is intended to expedite the process of identifying those involved and ensuring the safety of the community. The temporary order grants the police the legal authority to conduct identification checks without explicit reasons until August 22.

Furthermore, Mayor Luc Van Waesberghe, representing the social democratic political party Vooruit, voiced condemnation for the incidents that have come to light through social media. “We strongly condemn every incident that has been shown on social media,” the mayor stated, reflecting the community’s shared concern over the incidents.

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