Betrayed by Canadian college: Indian students battle crisis

indian abroad dreams shattered
Scarborugh campus of Canada’s Northern College

The pressing issue of Indian students in Canada had often caught our eyes, but the recent unfolding regarding a Canadian College highlights a new problem faced by the Indian students who were waiting for the initiation of their education career in Canada. Recently, an unexpected decision by Scarborugh campus of Canada’s Northern College has thrown the future of many Indian students into disarray.

The session is anticipated to start in September and just one month to that, the college has cancelled the admission of various students, who had already booked accommodation and invested other expenses including flight tickets. The college has cited the overwhelming applications received as the reason for the cancellation.

What’s ahead?

According to report, Sunil of Jalandhar based immigration firm Pyramid e services said, “The college issued more offer letters than available seats under the assumption that not all students would receive embassy clearance and visas. However, the rejection rate turned out to be significantly lower this time, forcing the college to cancel admissions.” he said.

The college has also stated that it is looking forward to refund 100 per cent fees to the students.  Additionally, the college has offered the students to get their fees transferred to other college in case they get an admission.

Though the fee refund could reduce financial losses, but the extra expenses like accommodation and flights have been spent for nothing and are a huge burden now. Along with that, the academic year of the students also lies in doldrums. A student named Harmanpreet Singh, who got the admission in Northern College for two-year business diploma stated that he had already made all the arrangements including a non-refundable ticket worth Rs. 1.12 lakhs. There are many such students who have same concerns.

Rising Issues For International Students In Canada

Majority of students who are facing the issue belong to Punjab. Along with the students, the Sikh organisations have also raised concern over the issue.   It is worth mentioning that Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students aspiring for overseas education. Earlier the reports have also aroused which show that there is a scarcity of jobs, and the prices of rented accommodation has also skyrocketed. This all has been happening when the international students pay heavy amount as fees, which is almost five times more than what the local Canadians pay.

Evidently, the education system in Canada has failed to fulfil the aspirations of Indian students. What is even more disturbing is the silence of the authorities and the failure to address the rising issues among the Indian students and organisations.  

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