BLA attacks Pak Army in Kalat, kills two injures four

BLA Targets Pakistan Army Convoy
BLA Fighters (Photo - X)

Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), said in a press release that their freedom fighters targeted a convoy of the occupying Pak Army in Kalat with an IED attack. As a result of the explosion, two personnel were killed and four were injured.

The spokesperson elaborated that the fighters targeted a vehicle within a convoy of twelve vehicles belonging to the occupying Army in the Eskalku area of Kalat using a remote-controlled IED. This attack occurred as the convoy attempted to advance into the area for military operation.

He added that the explosion resulted in the immediate death of two personnel, including Naik Shafqat, and injured four others: Naik Shah Nawaz, Sepoy Bashir, Sepoy Owais Ahmed, and Sepoy Muhammad Afzal.

Jeeyand Baloch confirmed that the BLA takes responsibility for this attack. He reiterated the BLA’s commitment to continue their armed struggle until their goal of an independent Balochistan is achieved.

These incidents highlight the ongoing conflict in POB, where freedom fighters like the BLA have been engaged in a long-standing revolution against the Pakistan Army. Since 1948, the Pakistan Army has forcefully occupied the resource-rich region of Balochistan and, to exploit it indefinitely, has launched scathing attacks on the Baloch community.

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