BLA attacks two Pakistan Army posts in Mastung and Margat

BLA attacks Pak Army
BLA press release (Photo: Social Media)

Baloch Liberation Army(BLA) has attacked the occupying Pakistan Army in two separate attacks in Mastung and Margat.

In his statement, the spokesperson of BLA, Jeeyand Baloch stated that on the night of 29 June, BLA operatives carried out a targetted attack in the Talkha Kavi area of Mastung. The attack aimed at a post of the occupying Pakistan Army. Utilizing advanced weaponry, BLA freedom fighters carried out an operation killing one enemy officer. Additionally, the enemy forces suffered significant casualties and financial damages as a consequence of the attack.

Meanwhile, BLA freedom fighters targeted another Pakistan Army post in the Margat area near the Zarghun gas field. Armed with weapons, they unleashed a series of rounds from a grenade launcher. It caused injuries to at least three enemy personnel. The attack also resulted in substantial financial losses for the occupying forces.

As usual BLA has again committed to continue the struggle against the occupying Pakistan Army until they attain independence.

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