BLA & BLF launch multiple attacks against Pak Army across occupied Balochistan

attack by BLA and BLF
Representative Photo

In occupied Balochistan, where the ground and air aggression of Pakistani forces continues in most of the areas, the attacks on them are also continuing at the same speed. Since the last few days, 7 attacks were made on Pakistani forces’ death squads and mobile towers by Balochistan Liberation Front and Baloch Liberation Army.

Two days ago, Pakistani agent and leader of the death squad, Faqiruk, was ambushed in Prom, Basad area of Panjgur district, who was with a convoy of four vehicles. He managed to escape with injuries.Baloch freedom fighters seized one LMG, one RPG-7, two Kalashnikovs from the state agents and burnt their Land Cruiser vehicle.

BLF spokesperson Major Ghoram Baloch said Faqiruk had been playing the role of a state agent and death squad for a long time. He was active in and around Prom, Panjgur, Balida and Balagutar. He was an accomplice with the Pakistani Army in the reporting and martyrdom of several journalists. He was also involved in many social evils including looting and drug smuggling and was given complete immunity by the Pak army.

At 5 p.m. on 10 March, Pakistani agent and head of the death squad, Pir Jan, known as Pero, son of Miah Dad, was killed by firing at the cricket ground in Sri Kahan area of Turbat. On 10 March at 7 p.m., IS located in Belcher Lodge in Kharan. The office was attacked with a hand grenade where many officials were present at the time of the attack.
This was followed by the attack on the Ufone mobile tower of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited in Nasirabad area of Kech and the machinery was set on fire.
Major Ghoram Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front, accepted the responsibility for these attacks and said that the Pakistani Army, together with the Chinese communication company, is laying a network of mobile towers throughout the occupied Balochistan, especially in the mountainous areas, so that they can trace the terrorists.

Similarly, Bahram son of Gul Muhammad Sakna Absar Turbat was sentenced to death. After being detained, he admitted that he was working as an informer and facilitator for the occupying Pakistani Army for a long time.

The tower of the Ufone company installed at Nimargh Kund area of Kalat was destroyed by installing explosive materials. The tractor tanker supplying water to the post of the Pakistani Army occupying Hazara Dum in Harnai was targeted in an IED attack. As a result of the explosion, the tractor was destroyed, while one person was killed and three others were injured by the Baloch Liberation Army.

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