BLA busts Pakistan Army’s lies

BLA flag (Photo: Social Media)

Pakistani military’s claims of killing freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army during its so-called search operation around Ziarat and Harnai areas are merely propaganda tactics to hide its catastrophic failures in Balochistan.

After executing the special operation in Ziarat, freedom fighters of BLA’s Special Tactical Operations Squad successfully reached their desired destinations. In the whole operation not even a single fighter of BLA was injured or killed.

Despite deploying dozens of choppers, drones and thousands of its special forces, the Pakistani military was not able to contend Baloch Liberation Army at any fronts. BLA’s operation was a complete success from the beginning to the end. Therefore, to hide its colossal failures Pakistani military has highly likely killed forcibly disappeared persons, and portraying them as BLA fighters to deceive its people.

Baloch Liberation Army takes utmost pride in its struggle and the martyrdom of our comrades during this struggle. BLA announces all martyrdoms of its members with great glory and honour. If any of our freedom fighters had lost their lives in this successful operation, we would have taken pride in making it public and paying rich tributes to them.

Lt. Colonel Laeeq’s arrest and trial in Baloch national court has once again demonstrated the professionalism, and strategic and operational capabilities of Baloch Liberation Army. Our such operations will further escalate in coming days.

Through this statement, BLA would like to tell the people of Punjab that stop your sons from being the consumables in the war of few greedy egoistic generals. Balochistan belongs to Baloch nation and it is their motherland. Therefore, Baloch nation will achieve its freedom at all costs and the Pakistani state and its Army are destined for a dreadful defeat in Balochistan. Now its on the people of Punjab whether they choose to receive body bags of their sons on daily basis or they will force their military to peacefully withdraw from Balochistan.

Jeeyand Baloch,

Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army

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