BLA carries out series of attacks on occupying Pak forces across Balochistan

multiple attacks by BLA
BLA Press Release (Photo: Social Media)

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has carried out a series of attacks on the occupying Pakistan Army in Qalat, Buleda and Dasht regions.

On Monday, BLA Freedom Fighters launched an attack on a post of occupying Pakistan Force in Qalat. Consequently, one enemy personnel was eliminated, and heavy losses were incurred.

Again yesterday, BLA freedom fighters targeted motorcycle-borne personnel of occupying forces near Buleda. Utilizing an IED, the freedom fighters caused a powerful explosion, killing two enemy personnel and destroying their vehicles.

In a separate operation in Dasht area of Kech district,BLA destroyed a vital telecommunication tower used by the occupying forces for military purposes.

Balochistan was declared an independent nation on 11 August 1947 by the British government and on 27 March 1948 it was occupied by Pakistan. Pakistan has always been an illegal occupant of Balochistan. And that is why it has always treated Balochistan as a colony. It exploited the Baloch land for its benefit on the cost of oppression of Baloch people. BLA, being a nationalist army, has therefore, challenged the impunity of Pakistan and its ruler, the Pakistan Army. To that extent, the series of attacks evidently depict that with each passing day, the BLA is resisting the illegal occupation of the Baloch land and continued oppression by Pakistan more firmly and ferociously. In their statement, BLA have once again affirmed their commitment to resist the occupation of Baloch land until its liberation.

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