BLA Majeed Brigade launches operation Dara-e-Bolan in Mach & Bolan (POB) against Pak Army

Operation Dara-e-Bolan launched by Balochistan Liberation Army in Mach and Bolan POB
Operation Dara-e-Bolan (Source: X)

Recently, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has begun “Operation Dara-e-Bolan” in the Mach and Bolan regions of Pak-occupied Balochistan. The BLA’s elite units such as the Majeed Brigade, the Special Tactical Operations Squad, the Fateh Squad, and the Intelligence Wing, are involved in this major armed operation.

Reportedly, Mach City witnessed a huge explosion followed by massive gunfire. Numerous Pak establishment structures and Mach Jail have been reported to sustained significant damage as a result of the operation. The BLA fighters have launched a total of 15 rocket attacks against the Pak Army in Mach City. It is believed that BLA forces have taken over several train stations and are fighting at the FC Commandant’s Office and Jail Colony, among other places.

Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson for the BLA, announced the commencement of the operation in a media statement. Because of the ongoing activities, he advised the people of Mach City and the surrounding areas to stay inside and stay off the highways.

Transportation has also been severely disrupted by the operation notably with armed individuals blocking the NH-65 national highway close to the Pinjra Bridge. Operation Dara-e-Bolan now covers an area of more than 70 km, and it includes highway blockades in Bolan as well as ongoing clashes in and around Mach. There has reportedly been a noticeable increase in the Pak Army in the region, with a sizable number of security forces moving from Quetta to Mach.

Subsequent updates suggest that some Pakistani Frontier Corps and Military checkpoints near Mach Cantonment and the Railway Station appear to have been taken over by armed BLA freedom fighters. This represents a significant shift in control over strategic positions in the region. The size of the BLA operation highlights its importance and makes it one of the biggest in Balochistan’s recent history. It specifically targets key locations like Mach jail, the railway station, and other Pak establishment structure.

The BLA spokesperson, Jeeyand Baloch, claimed in a recent statement that “at least 45 enemy personnel have so far been eliminated during BLA’s operation Dara-e-Bolan. The dead bodies of the killed troops are under our custody.” Additionally, he mentioned that some Pak Army levies had been detained but had since been released with warnings. He cautioned that if any of the Pak Army tries to become a hurdle during Operation Dara-e-Bolan they will be dealt with accordingly.

Operations like “Dare-e-Bolan” initiated by the freedom fighters of BLA underscores the deep-rooted struggle for freedom and recognition in the region of Pak-occupied Balochistan. The Baloch people have long sought independence, and the Pak Army has responded with a range of oppressive measures. The BLA’s actions highlight the determination of the Baloch people to resist oppression and achieve their aspirations for independence from Pakistan.

Since 27 March 1948, the Pakistan Army has been oppressing Baloch through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. The Pak Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has the potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted. 

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