BLF attacks Pak Army in Balochistan

Damage done to the Pak army
Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) in action. (Representative photo/News Intervention)

The Balochistan Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack on the camp of Pakistani army at Jebri in Mashkay.BLF freedom fighters targeted the main camp of the Pakistani army at Jebri in Awaran with rockets and heavy automatic weapons.

As a result of the attack, the occupying army faced loss of life and property. It was reported that the enemy army fired mortar shells in several directions, but the fighters reached their safe places after the successful attack. In another incident the freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army targeted a personnel carrier vehicle of Pakistani military forces with an IED in Hoshaap, Kech. In the attack an enemy personnel was eliminated and two were injured, whereas, the vehicle was destroyed. The BLF spokesperson said that the attacks on the enemy forces would continue until the independence of occupied Balochistan.

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