BLF eliminates over 80 Pak soldiers during July-Sep ’21

Logo of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)
Logo of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)

BLF’s July-September 2021 Quarterly Report and list of its armed activities against occupying Pakistani forces in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) was formed to reinstate the separate Baloch identity and regain Balochistan’s sovereignty from occupier Pakistani regime. With its establishment, BLF, along with armed struggle, began to create political and ideological awareness about the Baloch nation and has endeavored to bring Baloch people from all walks of life together to join the armed struggle, so that the masses consciously, politically and ideologically get involved in the resistance. Because, the struggle for independence is impossible without the participation of masses.

On the fundamental principle of freedom for occupied Balochistan, BLF is educating Balochistan to be ideologically and politically aware. Ideologically motivated BLF fighters, along with armed resistance are expanding the independence struggle with political awareness across Balochistan.

Balochistan is now destroying the occupying Pakistan state’s army and responding in a befitting manner to their parliamentarian tools, death squads, religious extremists including countering the occupying state’s propaganda machinery and its fake narrative.

Organization’s fundamental principle is to ensure vetting and educating BLF fighters enough so that the weapon in their hands must remain a weapon in the hands of a revolutionary and their steps may never sway defending motherland. 

Today, across the length and breadth of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, BLF’s brave fighters are present on the ground with their revolutionary weapon in defense of their country against Pakistan’s regular army and other security forces. Certainly, fighting on various fronts at once against Pakistan Army, federalists, local agents, informers, death squads, drug dealers and religious extremists is difficult. But at every given moment, BLF fighters are sacrificing their lives and vigorously leading the Baloch national struggle on the principles of the organization towards the ultimate goal.

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) carried out forty eight lethal attacks against the Pakistani forces during the third quarter of 2021 from July till September in which more than seventy nine Pakistani soldiers were killed and dozens injured. Three attacks were carried out on Pakistani military construction company, Frontier Works Organization (FWO), two attacks were made on mobile phone towers, and one attack was carried out in Karachi on Chinese engineers.

July 2021

2nd July 2021: BLF fighters attacked the construction site of Frontier Works Organization (FWO), a military construction company near Turbat Airport, district Kech, Balochistan. FWO’s machinery and other equipment were burned in the attack. At the same time, BLF fighters targeted FWO residential tents, causing casualties to the occupying military company. “We warn local contractors not to support the occupying state in these projects, otherwise, they will be responsible for the loss of life and property,” BLF said in its media statement.

The company is trying to build a road from the airport to D-Baloch and a new settlement called the Mirani Housing Scheme, five kilometers along the same route, where a conspiracy to resettle non-Baloch is being carried out. These lands of Mirani Housing have been obtained free of cost by tricking the local population into building a university.

5th July  2021: BLF fighters attacked the executives of Pakistani Military Construction Company Frontier Works Organization (FWO) working on the CPEC route in Teertej area of district Awaran, Balochistan. At the same time, BLF fighters fired several rockets and attacked a Pakistani military outpost with heavy weapons in Jikk area of Teertej, district Awaran, Balochistan, causing heavy casualties.

Pakistani Military personnel deployed on the route of the CPEC project are occupying all the settlements and agricultural lands. BLF warned local contractors to stop taking FWO partnership contracts and refrain from state projects, otherwise they would be responsible for their own losses.

8th July 2021: BLF fighters targeted a military post in Zamri-Kaur area of Zamuran in Bulaida, district Kech, Balochistan with heavy weapons, causing heavy casualties to the occupying forces.

10th  July 2021: BLF fighters attacked the Pakistani military and workers of the company erecting a fence on the Iran-Balochistan border in Chokkaap area of Mand, District Kech, Balochistan. Five Pakistani personnel were killed and two were injured in this attack.

11th July 2021: BLF snipers shot and killed a Pakistan Army soldier at a military check-post near Dozzrah, in Apsi-Kahn area of Tump, district Kech, Balochistan. BLF fighters also targeted two Pakistani military vehicles with a remote-controlled bomb in Sardasht area of Kulanch, Pasni, district Gwadar, Balochistan. One Pakistani vehicle was badly damaged in this attack, killing five military personnel and seriously injuring three others. One of the dead was a Captain of Pakistan Army.

12th  July 2021: BLF fighters attacked Pakistani military personnel when they were on security patrol for the workers erecting a fence on the border in Chukkap Mand. Three army personnel were killed.

16th  July 2021: The BLF fighters fired several rockets at a Pakistan Army post in the Cheyri Bazaar area of Gomazi, district Kech, Balochistan. The rocket landed inside the check post, causing loss of life and property to the occupying army. This check post was set up by occupying the house of martyred BLF fighter, martyr Captain Jahangir.

23rd  July 2021: BLF fighters fired several rockets at a Pakistan Army post in the Sari Bazaar area of Gomazi, district Kech, Balochistan and inflicted heavy causalities to the occupying army.

24th July 2021:The BLF snipers shot and killed one Pakistani military personnel at a military check post in Baanpeer-Kandag area of Apsi-Kahn area of Tump, district Kech, Balochistan.

28th July 2021: BLF fighters attacked the vehicle of Chinese engineers at Sher Shah area of Karachi in which two Chinese were seriously injured. Under the guise of development projects, China is not only a partner of Pakistan in the plunder of Baloch national resources but also fully supports Pakistan in the Baloch genocide, including war crimes against the Baloch nation.

“We are not at war with any foreign power, including China, but any state or group including China if it supports Pakistan or Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, looting of resources and committing war crimes, will be targeted,” BLF said in its media statement.

August 2021

1st August 2021: BLF sarmachaars (freedom fighters) attacked a military post at Zrankoli Kaur (river) in Awaran district with rockets and heavy weapons. In the half-hour battle, the Pakistani forces have suffered heavy loss of life and property.

2nd August 2021: A landmine was planted at a check post set up to provide security to a military convoy at Sehr in Jhaoo Tehsil of Awaran district. As the troops entered the post, they were hit by a landmine, killing one and injuring three.

5th August 2021: At around 6 PM, BLF sarmachaars (freedom fighters) attacked a Pakistani military check post guarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route in Omari Khan area of ​​Saami, district Kech, with a sniper rifle and killed an army personnel.

6th August 2021: At around 2 AM, the BLF freedom fighters simultaneously attacked two check posts set up for the security of a Pakistan Army camp on the route of the CPEC project in Goraan area of ​​Panjgur district. Sarmachaars fired rockets and heavy weapons at both checkpoints. Soldiers at the two checkpoints were killed and wounded. After the fierce attack, as soon as the BLF fighters came close to capturing both the outposts, the air support of the occupying forces arrived. Despite this the Baloch sarmachars defeated the enemy forces and reached their safe hideouts.

Pakistani forces tortured innocent Baloch people during an operation in Peerandar and Daraj Kaur. The Sarmachaars then targeted a Pakistan Army vehicle with a landmine in the Daraj Kaur area of ​​Awaran. The occupying forces suffered casualties in the attack.

7th August 2021: At Saturday evening, a Pakistan Army personnel was killed by a sniper rifle at a military post on Hamzahi Koh Mountain between Bagh-e-Zawa and Aspi Kahn. The outpost was later targeted with automatic weapons. There are several military outposts in these areas near the border, which are also providing security to fencing companies.

8th August 2021: On Sunday evening, BLF sarmachaars attacked Pakistan Army posts in Azian and Barat areas of Tump in Kech district with sniper rifles, killing two Pakistan Army personnel.

9th August 2021: BLF sarmachaars attacked a military post in Baragen Ghazi area of ​​Jhaoo area in Awaran district at 5 pm with rockets and heavy weapons. Occupying army suffered heavy casualties.

11th August 2021: In Dandar area of ​​Kech district, BLF Sarmachaars attacked the Pakistan Army with rockets and heavy weapons due to which the occupying forces suffered casualties in this attack.

Military post in Kannechi area of ​​Kolwah in Awaran district was targeted by the BLF Sarmachaars with heavy weapons, killing and injuring the personnel inside the post.

Sarmachaars also attacked a military camp outpost with sniper and rockets in the Dokop area of ​​Mand in Kech district. The occupying Pakistani forces have suffered heavy casualties in the attack.

13th August 2021: BLF Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) hurled grenades at the military check posts at the Hospital Methag (Mohalla) in the Sangani Sar area of ​​Turbat, the capital of Kech District, and at the military checkpoints on the Rakhshan Kaor (River) bridge in Panjgur. Occupying forces have suffered casualties in these attacks. Sarmachars detonated a remote-controlled bomb in Dasht area of ​​Quetta at a vehicle of enemy Pakistan Army. The vehicle was completely destroyed and four personnel on board were killed on the spot and the rest were seriously injured.

The Pakistan Army camp in Manguli area of ​​Wadi Mashkay, district Awaran, was targeted by BLF Sarmachaars with rockets and heavy weapons. Three rockets landed inside the camp, while personnel guarding the camp’s security fronts were hit by heavy weapons, killing two personnel on one front. The rocket also caused heavy casualties to the forces.

At 9 PM, BLF Sarmachaars fired rockets and A-1 shells at the check post of the Pak Army main camp at Buleda, Bit, killing three soldiers.

14th August 2021: BLF Sarmachaars hurled a hand grenade at a military check post at Apsar Apdork River in Turbat, Kech. The grenade fell inside the check post, killing and injuring military personnel at the check post.

In the industrial city of Hub Chowki in Balochistan, Pakistani military check post, at the Meenar along the bridge at Hub Chowki was targeted by Sarmachaars with automatic weapons. Occupying forces suffered casualties in the attack.

15th August 2021: BLF freedom fighters attacked Frontier Works Organization (FWO) personnel with heavy weapons on the CPEC route near Faiz Hotel in Hoshab, district Kech, killing two personnel.

19th August 2021: Five Paki soldiers were killed and several others were injured in a half-hour battle with the Pakistan Army in Chibi area of Jhaoo in Awaran district.

20th August 2021: BLF Sarmachaars targeted the Ufone Tower in Ziarat Machi in Gwadar, at 2 AM, and set fire to all the machinery and equipment.

21st August 2021: BLF Sarmachaars ambushed a convoy of Pakistan Army in Solair area of ​​Washuk district and attacked it with heavy and modern weapons. After the attack, BLF freedom fighters laid a landmine on the way of the vehicles coming to the aid of the enemy army, which completely destroyed a Vigo vehicle of the forces and killed all the eight personnel on board. Several troops were also killed and wounded in the attack on the military convoy.

22nd August 2021:BLF snipers shot dead a military personnel at an army post at Chatuk-e-Dun area of Buleda Bit, district Kech.

23rd August 2021: BLF Sarmachaars shot dead a military personnel with a sniper rifle, at a military check post on Nokain Raah in the Dasht area of ​​Kech District.

26th August 2021:A military man was shot dead by a BLF sniper at an Pakistani check post in Pensin Kaur area of ​​Dasht in Kech district on Monday evening.

Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesman of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) paid rich tributes to Ssarmachaar (freedom fighter)Imam alias Daggar. Major Gwahram said that Imam had been associated with the BLF since 2010. “He had been ill for some time and died under treatment. We appreciate his sacrifice and his hard work for the defense and liberation of the Baloch land.”

September 2021

1st September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars targeted a military post in Gajjali area of ​​Mashkay Valley with rockets and heavy weapons, completely destroying the post. The Pakistan Army men at the checkpoint were killed and wounded.

2nd September 2021:In Gwadar’s Ziarat Machi area, Ufone tower was attacked once again damaging cell phone tower and other machinery.

Two weeks ago, the tower was attacked and machinery was burnt. It had been repaired and its security was being handled by the Pakistan Army. The BLF sarmachaars attacked it at 5 PM and set it on fire once again.

6th September 2021: On Monday morning, BLF Sarmachaars detonated a landmine at a Pakistan Army vehicle between Rodka and Ashal in Kolwah. A pick-up truck in a military convoy was hit, killing four soldiers and seriously injuring three others.

7th September 2021: A Pakistan Army personnel was killed by a sniper rifle attack on a military check post at Jhal Jhaoo, Soor Ata Muhammad Bazaar in Awaran district. A sniper rifle attack on a military post in the Bakaad area of ​​Buleda killed an occupying army personnel.

9th September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars ambushed a convoy of five Pakistan Army motorcycles and a vehicle at Sardakin Aap, an area between Buleda and Parom. The motorcycles in the convoy came under heavy attack, killing six personnel and injuring others. After the attack, three combat helicopters arrived in the area to assist the convoy and pick up the deaf bodies.

14th September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars attacked a military post in the Marwar area of ​​Gomazi with rockets and automatic heavy weapons. The occupying Pakistani forces suffered heavy casualties in the attack.

16th September 2021: BLF snipers killed an army personnel at Gushanag Army camp check post and targeted the adjoining post and the camp with heavy weapons and rockets. Rocket shells fell inside the camp, causing heavy casualties to the forces. Sarmachaars ambushed a convoy of Pakistan Army consisting of three vehicles and two motorcycles in Turbat city. Two Pak army men were killed and three injured in this attack.

18th September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars hurled a grenade at a Pakistani military post at Cinema Chowk in Turbat, killing two army personnel. A military check post at Noko Hotel in Nondarah area of ​​Jhaoo was attacked with heavy weapons, killing the occupying Paki army personnel.

19th September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars fired rockets and heavy weapons at a Pakistan Army check post on the CPEC project route near the Peri Hotel in Balgatar, causing heavy casualties to the forces.

25th September 2021: Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for the attack on a military convoy in Awaran district and said in a statement to media that the Baloch freedom fighters ambushed a Pakistan Army convoy in Kannera, Peerandar area of ​​Awaran district. Sarmachaars targeted four vehicles and four motorcycles of the military convoy. A vehicle came under heavy attack and the soldiers on motorcycles also came under attack. Eleven personnel were killed on the spot. The Sarmachaars then fired heavy weapons and rockets at other vehicles in the convoy. Eleven personnel were killed and several others were injured in the attack.

28th September 2021: BLF Sarmachaars killed four Paki soldiers and wounded another in the Kech district. Major Gwahram said that Pakistan Army was erecting a fence on the border in Chukap Kaur (river) area of ​​Mand. Throughout the day, military personnel provide security to the fencing personnel and return to the military camp in the evening. On Tuesday morning, the Sarmachars occupied the military front in Siah Kaur. Four Pak Army personnel coming to the post were attacked. One soldier was killed and another fell into a nearby mountain stream.

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