BLF freedom fighter martyred in clashes with Pak Army

BLF freedom fighter martyred
BLF Press Release (Photo: Social Media)

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) issued a statement detailing the clashes that took place with Pakistani forces (Levies) on July 22. It stated that their leader, Dostin Mirwani, son of Riaz alias Merik, was martyred in the face off.

The statement warned of consequences for local agents supporting Pakistan forces. It underscored that all forces opposing the Baloch freedom struggle, including the police and Levies, would not be spared.

The clashes occurred on July 22 in the Malar area of Awaran, as Sarmachars were on a covert mission. They encountered local Levies forces, leading to a confrontation with the enemy Pakistan forces personnel. Dostin Baloch displayed immense bravery, repulsing the enemy forces, but tragically sacrificing his life. Fortunately, his comrades managed to escape unharmed.

Major Gwahram Baloch, the BLF spokesperson, stressed that the organization had consistently cautioned non-Pakistan Army forces in Occupied Balochistan against aiding the enemy’s Army. These individuals were directly involved in tracking and attacking Sarmachars. He emphasized that such elements would be treated as enemy forces.

BLF warned the informants

The BLF also issued a warning to individuals who were part of the enemy army and supported the occupation in the struggle for national liberation, stating that they would face consequences. Additionally, they pledged to take severe action against all elements involved in the Kolwa incident.

Recently, BLF targeted and eliminated informants of the Pakistan Army, who were complicit in undermining the Baloch cause. Additionally, yesterday a Pakistani agent, involved in persisting enforced disappearances, met a similar fate at the hands of the BLF in Gwadar. While Balochistan is suffering for more than 75 years now, it’s condition is worsening with each day ending. After March 1948, the Baloch people are living in an unending saga of pain and agony. The occupying Pakistan Army has further deteriorated the condition. Against such atrocities and in a wish to see the horizon of Independence one day, organisations like BLF are fighting a fierce battle.

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