BLF Freedom Fighters attack Pak Army convoy, kill 20 personnel including an officer

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) Spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch said the Baloch Freedom Fighters (Sarmachaars) attacked a convoy of five vehicles of the Pakistan Army in Gichk area of Panjgoor, occupied Balochistan on Tuesday. The BLF attack damaged all five vehicles and killed more than 20 Pakistani personnel, including the officer on board.

Major Gwahram Baloch gave details of this attack while talking to the media from an undisclosed location. He explained that this morning (Tuesday) Sarmachaars attacked a convoy of five vehicles of Pakistan Army in Gichk area of ​​Panjgoor district. “At Mok-e-Kandag, Sarmachaars (Freedom Fighters) ambushed the occupying forces with rockets and automatic heavy weapons.”

The BLF attack damaged all five Pakistani vehicles and killed more than 20 personnel, including the Pakistan Army officer on board. “The Pakistani Army came under heavy attack in a few minutes and later not a single bullet was fired by them. A few years ago, a BLF attack in the same area had killed several army personnel, including a Pakistani colonel named Waheed, whose video went viral, and because of this, all Baloch websites, social media pages and video channels were blocked in Pakistan. Video of today’s attack will also be released soon,” said Major Gwahram Baloch. He said that these attacks will continue till the independence of Balochistan.

Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies have been killing Baloch people at their whims. Over the last several months Pakistan Army has used helicopter gunships and heavy machine guns to fire at the unarmed hapless Baloch people across occupied Balochistan. Pakistan’s human rights violations continue unabated as the world and UNO refuse to condemn Pakistan’s actions.

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