BLF freedom fighters attain martyrdom fighting Pak Army in Dashtuk Hills

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) sarmachaars (freedom fighters) and the occupying Pakistan Army came face to face in Dashtuk Hills on December 7 resulting in a battle that lasted for two hours, said Major Gwahram Baloch, BLF spokesman. He added that this battle that took place in the Zamuran area of occupied Balochistan.

“Three BLF sarmachaars (freedom fighters) were martyred and several enemy soldiers were killed and wounded in this clash. The BLF sarmachaars were on a routine patrol when the Pakistan Army personnel tried to surround them. In the fierce battle, our other comrades managed to break through the enemy’s siege and escaped safely,” said Major Gwahram Baloch.

The BLF martyrs include Mukhtar Baloch alias Ustad Noor (resident of Malikabad Kech), Aziz Baloch alias Chakar (resident of Malikabad) and Sajid Baloch alias Asmi (resident of Sari Gadgi Balgatar). “We pay tributes to our sarmachaars for sacrificing their lives in the struggle against slavery and for the liberation of Balochistan. Their struggle and sacrifices will serve as a beacon for us,” said Major Gwahram Baloch.

Mukhtar Baloch had been fighting for Balochistan’s independence under BLF’s flag for the last fifteen years. Mukhtar was a Major in the BLF and was also the camp commander. He served in Mazanband Dasht, Mand, Tump, Bulaida and Zamuran. Sajid Baloch was the network commander and held the rank of a Lieutenant. He had served in Balgatar, Bulaida and Zamuran. Aziz Baloch was associated with BLF for the last seven years. He also wrote poetry under a pseudonym Hayat Gull. He had served in Dasht, Tump, Nasirabad, Bulaida and Zamuran. Aziz Baloch was poet and a warrior and expressed national aspirations for an independent Balochistan through his words and poetry.

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