BLF pays tribute to martyr Mehmood Baloch

Balochistan Liberation Front Pays Tribute to Martyred Fighter
BLF Fighter Mehmood (Photo - X)

In a statement released to the media, the spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Major Gwahram Baloch, provided details of a recent clash with Pak Army and paid homage to a fallen freedom fighter.

According to the BLF spokesperson, on the evening of June 7, 2024, around 6 p.m., Baloch freedom fighters were carrying out organizational work at the Marble Cross site in the Turbat Kalatuk area of Kech district when they clashed with operatives of a “death squad” formed by the Pak Army.

The death squad operatives tried to surround the freedom fighters. During the encounter, the freedom fighter Mehmood, also known as Mehrwan, was martyred while bravely fighting to break the Army’s siege. However, his companion managed to escape the siege, displaying “courage, bravery, and excellent guerrilla tactics”. The companion also reportedly took Mehrwan’s weapons and belongings with him.

The BLF spokesperson paid tribute to the martyred Mehmood, describing him as a “brave companion” and a “determined and dedicated freedom fighter.” Mehrwan, the son of Major Mola Bakhsh and a resident of Hasadig Dasht, had been associated with the BLF’s struggle for Pak-occupied-Balochistan’s independence since 2012.

Martyred Mehmood

He set a high example of bravery, courage, and guerrilla warfare skills by fighting shoulder to shoulder with his companions in several important battles against the Army.

The spokesperson said that martyred Mehmood was a close relative of the martyred freedom fighters Nako Issa alias Nako Shera, Samir alias Sogat, Sana alias Sogat, and Jafar alias Sana.

He said that the martyred Mehmood was a kind and compassionate companion and a determined and dedicated freedom fighter. Before the armed struggle, he was associated with the political struggle for Balochistan’s freedom. In 2012, he joined the BLF’s civilian network. From that day until his martyrdom, he remained an active and dedicated freedom fighter on the platform of the Balochistan Liberation Front and joined the caravan of martyrs.

In a stern warning, the BLF spokesperson claimed that all the operatives of the “death squad” have been identified and that they “will soon be brought to their logical conclusion.” The statement further vowed that “national enemies active against the Baloch national freedom movement will not be spared at any cost.”

The BLF spokesperson reiterated the group’s commitment to accomplishing Mehmood’s mission “at all costs” and fulfilling his dream of an independent Balochistan and to “bring the enemy to its logical conclusion.”

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