BLF releases captured Pak Army personnel

BLF Releases Captured Pak Soldiers on Humanitarian Grounds
Captured Army Personnel Released by BLF (Photo - X)

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has released video footage of two Pak Army personnel captured by BLF fighters on June 10, in Turbat Absar, the main town of Kech. The video, made public on June 24, shows the soldiers admitting their crimes, announcing their resignation from the Army, and vowing to work hard for a better future without any further connection to the military.

In the video, both soldiers, identified as Bashir Ahmed, son of Manzoor, and Raziq, son of Miand Dad, express remorse for their involvement with the Pak Army. They apologize for their participation in the occupation and agree to sever all ties with the military.

The BLF’s spokesperson, Major Gwahram Baloch, confirmed the responsibility for the arrest and subsequent release of the soldiers. Major Baloch said that the decision to release the personnel was made on humanitarian grounds and in the spirit of “Balochism and humanity.”

The BLF’s official statement urges Baloch youth to avoid enlisting in the Army, as it is complicit in war crimes and the genocide of the Baloch people. Instead, the BLF calls on young Balochs to join their ranks to fight for the freedom of Balochistan. The statement emphasizes that such a move would not only fulfill a national duty but also help eradicate social issues like poverty, unemployment, disease, and illiteracy by leveraging Balochistan’s resources for rapid development.

The release of the soldiers is intended as a gesture of goodwill, giving them a second chance. The BLF’s message is clear: the path to a prosperous Balochistan lies in resisting occupation and working towards national independence.

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