BLF rocket attack damages Gwadar International Airport; Pak soldiers killed

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) fired two BM-12 rockets at the Gwadar International Airport on Friday which landed right in the middle of under construction airport causing serious damages and halting all development activities. This is a new International Airport at Gwadar that’s being constructed by a Pakistani company FW in collaboration with Chinese firms. Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters) have been fighting against blatant Chinese colonization of Gwadar coastal area and have attacked Chinese installations at Gwadar in the recent past too.

Local Gwadar police have reported a few casualties due to BLF’s BM-12 rocket attack but the Pakistan Army is yet to acknowledge the deaths of its soldiers. Interestingly, Pakistan Army has now sealed the entire area and the local administration and local police are not being allowed inside the under-construction Gwadar International Airport that bore the brunt of BLF’s rocket attack.

BLF spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch said in a statement that their sarmachaars (freedom fighters) fired two BM-12 rockets at the Airport in the Gurandani area of ​​Gwadar at 6PM (local time) on Friday. “Both rockets landed inside the construction site at Gwadar International Airport.”

Since early morning on Saturday Pakistan Army’s gunship helicopters have been conducting search operations around Dasht mountains, from where the BM-12 rockets were fired by BLF sarmachaars at the Gwadar International Airport.

This new Gwadar International Airport is being built on an area of around 4,800 acres that after completion would have the operational capabilities to cater to jumbo-sized cargo aircrafts. The new Gwadar International Airport after completion will also double up as the air base for Chinese fighter jets.

Major Gwahram Baloch warned that all these schemes are part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The current Gwadar Airport is very small and is unsuitable for Chinese air base and also for CPEC’s imperialist loot of Balochistan’s resources. “BLF will continue its operations against these evil designs which are carried out without the will and intention of the Baloch nation on their motherland,” said Major Gwahram Baloch. He added that attacks on the occupying army and such imperialist designs would continue till the independence of occupied Balochistan.

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