BLF slams additional Pakistani troop deployment in Balochistan under the cover of Covid-19

Logo of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)
Logo of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Maj. Gwahram Baloch said in a media statement that the move to send additional Pakistani troops to nine districts of Balochistan in response to the global outbreak of Corona virus is a shameful act.

Major Gwahram Baloch added that he wants his beloved and brave Baloch people, and the whole world to know that this deployment of additional Pakistani troops across occupied Balochistan was not being done to stop the spread of Coronavirus but to suppress the Baloch movement under the cover of combating this global pandemic. “This is a disgusting plan to intensify military operations against Baloch mass,” Maj. Gwahram Baloch said.

He explained that during this global pandemic, the Pakistani military generals and their civilian puppets are trying to repeat the same inhumane tactics with renewed intensity against the Baloch nation as they did after the devastating earthquake of 2013 in the areas of Mashkay, Jhao, Awaran, Raaghe and Makran. The world must never forget that in 2013 the Pakistani Army escalated its military operations against civilian population across earthquake-hit areas in the name of aid and rehabilitation of the earthquake victims. At that time, on the one hand Pakistan Army hindered international aid for relief and rehabilitation of the earthquake victims and seized relief goods and supplies sent by various NGOs, and on the other hand, they mobilized disguised Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s group of volunteers along with its local death squads and proxies. Due to this action thousands of earthquake affected families are still suffering and living in distress and had to migrate from their homes.

BLF spokesman said that in early days of the global outbreak of Covid-19 the disease was deliberately allowed to spread across Balochistan and now the Pakistan Army is increasing the number of troops under the garb of containing the virus.

Although most areas of Balochistan, including Quetta, already have numerous Pakistani military camps and checkpoints at short distances that raid civilian populations on a daily basis, loot homes, and detain youth, elders, women and children. “After these detained Baloch people have been detained they endure severe mental and physical torture. Therefore, we urge the United Nations, international aid agencies and other humanitarian organizations to not give any aid to Pakistan to control the Coronavirus. Rather do the relief work under their own supervision in the occupied Balochistan,” urged Maj. Gwahram Baloch.

Major Gwahram Baloch said that the people of Balochistan need doctors, trained medical staff, test kits, ventilators, masks, sanitizers and other medical equipment and medicines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Balochistan and not the Pakistani military.

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