BNM lambasts Pak Army for killing Haji Sanaullah’s sons & murderous attack on Raza Jahangir’s widow

Atrocities on Balochs by Pakistani Army ( Photo: News Intervention)

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said in his statement that the direct subordinate organizations of the Pakistani Army FC, Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Police, Regular Police, Balochistan Levies and Death Squads are above the laws in Balochistan and cooperate with Pakistan Army in their  actions like Baloch genocide, collective punishment, enforced disappearance and custodial killings. 

He said the attack of FC on the house of Haji Sanaullah Shahwani in Kharan, the killing of his two sons and forced disappearance of one, murderous attack on the widow of the martyred leader of BSO-Azad Raza Jahangir in Shaal and the dragging of a woman by the hair in public by a Levies official in Suni Khuzdar were prominent examples of human rights abuses by state institutions. In order to prolong its occupation of Balochistan, the Pakistani army has been systematically using all institutions, including the police, to carry out its anti-Baloch plan.

Deceased sons of Sanaullah Shahwani in Kharan (Photo: News Intervention)

On the morning of 14 August 2013, the Pakistani army stormed the house of BNM Kech leader Shaheed Imdad Boujeer and martyred him and his guest BSO-Azad Secretary General Raza Jahangir. One year after the martyrdom of Raza Jahangir, on 28 August 2014, Pakistani army attacked a place of worship in Aawaran and killed his father, Bakhtiar Baloch including 6 other worshipers. Now, by choosing the month of August again, the agents of the Pakistani army have carried out a murderous attack on Shaheed Raza Jahangir’s widow ‘Zohra Baloch’ in front of the University of Balochistan in Shaal. The Pakistani army had continuously targeted this family and had forced them to migrate from their native area. The men of the family have been  killed by the Pakistani army today the widow of Shaheed Reza Jahangir had also been attacked.

Zorah Baloch widow of BSO-Azad Secretary General Raza Jahangir who attacked ( Photo: News Intervention)

The spokesperson further added that the family of Haji Sanaullah Shahwani in Kharaan was also a victim of the brutality of the state of Pakistan. His house was attacked by FC and Pakistan Army on the night of 2 August 2022. According to Haji Sanaullah, FC and Pakistani army personnel tortured all the people in the house including women and children. Amir and Imran Shahwani, sons of Haji Sanaullah, were shot during the torture and his third son Irfan Shahwani was tortured with kicks and gun butts. After the torture of the three sons, two of whom were seriously injured, were forcibly disappeared. Both brothers Aamir and Imran were martyred in the custody of secret agencies whose dead bodies were thrown in the Civil Hospital of Quetta while Haji Sanaullah’s third son Irfan Shahwani is still missing.

The spokesperson of BNM further said that the family of Haji Sanaullah had been completely destroyed by the Pakistani army as a target of revenge.A month ago, one of his sons, Ashfaaq Shahwani, was also killed by state backed proxy and now three of his sons have been targeted, two of whom have been extrajudicially killed while one has been forcibly disappeared after arrest. These crimes against humanity committed by the state of Pakistan in Balochistan cannot be forgiven under any circumstances.

He stressed, “The Baloch people must unite and give strength to the national movement of Baloch to protect their society and national survival. Without the independence of Balochistan, we cannot get rid of these atrocities”.

Levies official Asadullah in the Suni area of Khuzdar dragging a woman by her hair (Photo: News Intervention)

In the end, the spokesperson regarding the social media viral picture of a Levies official named ‘Asadullah’ in the Suni area of Khuzdar dragging a woman by her hair said  “we expect better behavior from the Baloch police, especially the Levies officials” as  Baloch majority institutions are expected to “fulfil their responsibilities for the elimination of social crimes” and the Baloch would refrain from getting involved in anti-Baloch activities. The majority of these institutions have become puppets of the Pakistani army. “The said action of the official named Asadullah is against human dignity which the Baloch nation will never allow”. “We ask to the Baloch officers of the police and levies to refrain from such act. Otherwise, the Baloch nation considers them as enemies and holds them accountable. They have to correct their behaviors. The enemy wants to pit the Baloch against the Baloch, but we have to understand that this is against our national interest and the Baloch nation cannot afford it” he said .               

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