BNM Report: Lack of health centers in four districts of Pak-occupied Balochistan

The recent report of Baloch National Movement's Department of Social Welfare highlighted lack of 29 health centres in four districts of Pak-occupied Balochistan
BNM Report (Photo: X)

Recently, in a report, the Baloch National Movement’s (BNM) Department of Social Welfare highlighted the failing state of Health in four tehsils in the Awaran district: Jahoo, Awaran, Mashkay, and Jahoo.

“Even a minor illness can become a life-threatening situation due to inadequate health facilities.” When patients need to be transferred to Karachi or other cities due to emergencies, the uneven roads present a significant risk that they will die while travelling.

Balochistan has been forcibly occupied by Pakistan since March 1948, the Pak Army is using all of its apparatus to commit mass murder and other crimes against the members of Baloch society. The Pak establishment bears sole responsibility for the rising death rate in Pak-occupied Balochistan, due to the lack of necessities.

BNM asked the UN and other international bodies to acknowledge Pakistan’s pervasive violations of human rights in Balochistan and urging immediate intervention to prevent any further crisis.

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