Brainstorm over a cuppa


The ever popular Ganga dhaba at JNU campus in New Delhi offers something new to explore onevery visit

JNU has always been known for its academic excellence, intellectually stimulating sessions, lush green surroundings and the ever popular dhaba culture at its campus. It’s here only that a lot can happen over a cup of tea. Indulge in some great conversation, enjoy watching a photo exhibition and relish samosas and paranthas—all this and much more is what dhaba culture in JNU all about. The best place to catch all this is the ever popular Ganga dhaba. Nondescript and known only by the regulars, this place offers something new to explore on every visit.

For those who like spending their evenings amidst a coterie of scholars and student intellectuals discussing, debating and arguing on our national and international issues, Ganga dhaba is the perfect destination to be. Says Madhusudan Shah, a research scholar, “This is my kind of place and I like coming here again and again. Open from about six in the evening till the wee hours of the morning, this is the ideal place to indulge in thoughtful conversations and enjoy the amazing atmosphere that the JNU campus is best known for. To make the evening more pleasant is the cool night breeze and tea and paranthas.”

Started in 1983, Ganga dhaba for years has become the nerve centre of all activities in the campus and also a big brand in itself. It has found its place on several social networking sites with communities devoted to Ganga dhaba. “The popularity of Ganga dhaba is such that some people come here expecting a snazzy restaurant but what all they find here is a small shop and no seating arrangement except the rocks. But, that’s the charm of JNU dhaba culture and that’s what makes it so popular. No high-end restaurant can match the experience of sitting on the rocks outside Ganga dhaba and enjoying a cup of tea in the naturally soothing ambience of JNU campus,” shares S K Dasgupta, a JNU pass out. It is also the place where you get to know about the burning issues in the country, about the speakers that are coming in the hostel mess or any upcoming exhibition, seminar or play in the campus. Says Prasoon Negi, a regular at Ganga dhaba, “Visiting Ganga dhaba in JNU campus at night is a very nice and unique experience. I consider this place as the fountainhead of street wisdom in the country. This place is the starting point of all campaigns, debates and activities in JNU.”

Though, changes are visible in the JNU campus but the popular tradition of dhaba culture is still continuing. While earlier the campus was known more for its jhollawallas, now westernization is creeping in several ways, but what has remained intact more or less is the intellectually stimulating nightlife in JNU, glamorous dhaba culture and never ending debates and discussions. “Now, there are more bikes and cars in the campus, earlier students used to have great fun in traversing the campus on foot. In place of simplicity the glam factor is on the rise in the campus. But no matter what happens, the culture of JNU will remain unaltered for years to come,” says a visibly confident JNU student, Rajiv Kumar, enjoying his evening cupa tea at the Ganga dhaba.

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