BRAS freedom fighters eliminate 12 Pakistan military personnel at Mand in Balochistan

Baloch freedom fighters killed 12 Pakistani military personnel in a major strike conducted on Thursday, April 23 at Mand in Balochistan. The strike was conducted by BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar) which is an alliance of four armed Baloch organisations that are fighting for an independent Balochistan. The four Baloch armed organisations under the umbrella of BRAS are– Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Republican Army and Baloch Republican Guard.

Baloch Khan, the official spokesperson of BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar) gave details of their attack on occupying Pakistani forces. In its statement BRAS has officially taken responsibility for the attack carried out on Thursday in the mountainous regions near Chak Aaap and Sheeraz in Mand, Balochistan.

In the fierce attack BRAS freedom fighters eliminated at least 12 members of Pakistan’s military. The multi-pronged attack was carried out simultaneously on a Pakistani military outpost and a convoy.

“The Pakistani troops targeted today have been involved in a military operation against civilians for more than a week now in different areas of Kech, Balochistan. In fact, the convoy targeted today was on its way to target a locality. Different localities have so far been shelled with gunship helicopters and many houses have been burnt by Pakistani military,” said Baloch Khan, spokesperson of BRAS.

The Pakistani troops were also accompanied by criminals and religious extremists. The fact that Pakistani military and such elements are carrying out joint atrocities is a confirmation that Pakistani state has not only given full backing to such elements but also uses them against Baloch civilians. BRAS has already launched “Operation AasRech” against such elements and they will continue to be targeted along with Pakistani military. The war of liberation against Pakistani military and their agents will continue until Balochistan’s freedom.

“BRAS reiterates that freedom fighters of BRAS will continue to defend Baloch civilians against any Pakistani aggression,” BRAS spokesperson Baloch Khan added.

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