Canadian actress Stefanie Sherk commits suicide


Canadian actress and model 43-year-old Stefanie Sherk has committed suicide, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner.

The cause of death includes anoxic encephalopathy — a condition caused by lack of oxygen to brain tissue — drowning and asphyxia.

Sherk’s husband and actor Demian Bichir shared the news of his wife’s death, in a message to his followers on Instagram. Along with a photograph of Sherk, Bichir wrote: “Dear friends, On behalf of the Sherk and the Bichir Nájera families, it is with inconceivable pain that I announce that on April 20, 2019, our dearest Stefanie Sherk, my beloved and loving wife, passed away peacefully.

“It has been the saddest and toughest time of our lives and we don’t know how much time it will take for us to overcome this pain. Stefanie’s beautiful, angelical and talented presence will be immensely missed. We will hold Stefanie in our hearts forever.”

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