Canadian Pastor Bruxy Cavey Alleged Sexual Assault Cases Continue


Bruxy Cavey (57), disgraced Canadian pastor, has been charged with sexual assault against an adult female. Cavey is a pastor of one of the largest churches in Canada, The Meeting House. It has 20 campuses across Ontario. The charge came May 31.

In March, Cavey was requested to resign from post as a pastor of the church in March of 2022. The March request came after an independent investigator found Cavey had a years-long sexual relationship with a member of the church.

The church investigator stated the prior relationship was “sexual harassment” and an “abuse of power.” Detective Jeremy Miller, Hamilton Police Service, stated the unit received a “publication ban.” This means some information cannot be released to the public.

Cavey came voluntarily to the police station. He was charged and released. He will appear in court on June 27. The alleged assault happened off church property in Hamilton. Days after resignation, two more allegations of sexual misconduct emerged against Cavey.

In a June 6 press release, the Hamilton police believe more victims may be extant. Cavey considered the first accusations as true and “an extramarital affair.” No statute of limitations exists for criminal charges brought on sexual assault in Canada.

Consent in Level 1 sexual assault, as brought to Cavey, means the abuse of trust, power, or authority.

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