Centre extends ban on Yasin Malik’s J&K Liberation Front and other terror outfits for five years

centre bans terror outfits
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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of India has extended the ban on the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (Mohd. Yasin Malik faction) and several other Kashmiri outfits, designating them as ‘unlawful associations’ for a further period of five years. The decision comes amidst concerns over activities deemed detrimental to national security and public order.

In a notification issued by the MHA, the extension of the ban on JKLF-Y follows inputs indicating its involvement in activities deemed prejudicial to the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India. The outfit, according to the MHA, maintains connections with militant groups and actively supports extremism and militancy in the region.

The MHA’s notification highlighted that Yasin Malik’s J&K Liberation Front continues to advocate for the secession of parts of Indian territory, supporting separatist and terrorist groups with the aim of destabilizing the established government. It further emphasized the outfit’s role in propagating anti-national sentiments and inciting violence.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah commended the action taken by the ministry, underscoring the government’s resolve to combat terrorism and preserve national integrity. He warned of severe legal consequences for those challenging the security and sovereignty of the nation.

Similarly, Union Minister Jitendra Singh applauded the decision, emphasizing the inverse relationship between terrorism and development. He highlighted the positive impact of improved security conditions in Jammu and Kashmir, citing increased tourism as evidence of progress.

Alongside the ban on JKLF-Y, the MHA also designated Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League and four factions of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League as ‘Unlawful Associations’ for the same duration.

The extension of the ban reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining peace, stability, and territorial integrity in the region, while also sending a clear message against activities deemed detrimental to national interests.

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